SAFE has given training to more than 150,000 people

The Journal Cornwall Motor Speedway was ready to host of one of the biggest event of his 2012 season as the World of Outlaws Late Models series was in town but Mother Nature had other plans as heavy rain showers hit the Cornwall area in the late afternoon forcing the cancellation of Sunday’s evening major event. Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, the World of Out- laws Late Models will not be able to come back at Cornwall in 2012. Negotiations are in the works for next season. Another big event is scheduled next week at the Super DIRT- car Big Block series will make a stop at the speedway for their annual events. Several big names in the Modified division will make the haul down to Cornwall to compete in the 100-lap $6,000 to win feature race. For more information on the upcoming events at Cornwall Motor Speedway, fans are invited to consult the Speedway’s website at or find the Speed- way on Facebook at speedway to find useful information or participate in contests to win cool prizes. The World of Outlaws Late Models Series cancelled due to rain


The whole aim is to make a potential attack, and the response of the potential victim, as realistic as possi- ble so the victim is programmed to automatically re- spond in a real-world situation. And to do that, he forces clients to rethink their reluctance to meet a po- tentially violent attacker with violence. It is a concept his clients often struggle most with, reducing themselves to the level of violence exhibited by their attacker. But if they are unable to overcome mental barrier, chances are they will become a victim instead of a victor. “If you are not more violent than the attacker, you are not going to live, possibly,” Roberts said.

Another under-uti- lized tool that can pre- vent people from becoming ensnared by an attacker isn’t some- thing you can train for, nor will you will it in a self-defense manual. It is good, old-fashioned intuition. In most of the discus- sions Roberts has had

“If you feel uncomfortable, get out of the situation … when people get that gut feeling, it’s almost always right.” Chris Roberts Founder of SAFE International

with people who have been attacked, they mention an intuitive feeling that something wasn’t quite right just before the attack took place. “Your intuition overrules everything,” Roberts stressed. “If you feel uncomfortable, get out of the sit- uation … when people get that gut feeling, it’s almost always right.” “Wouldn’t you rather get out of the situation and be okay than stay in it, going ‘Oh, it’s probably my imagination, I’m being paranoid’, and then have something happen.” Roberts also aims to dispel myths about who is a typical victim and who is most capable of fending off an attacker. He points to convicted killers Paul Bernardo and Ted Bundy as people who do not match the protypi- cal stereotype of an attacker. At the same time, who stresses to women they don’t have to play the role of the victim and can be more intimidating to an attacker than they often realize. “You know who scares me the most? An angry, pregnant mother,” he says matter-of-factly. Robert’s estimate his organization has provided self defense skills to 150,000 girls and women since its launch in 1994 and has grown to the point which it trains as many as 16,000 people annually. He is now in the process of taking his business to the international level. He has created a website will

be selling SAFE franchises in the United States. His company offers private and group lessons, women’s and men’s seminars, corporate personal protection instruction and high school self defense awareness and instruction programs. SAFE has also taken a new twist on personal defense with Women’s Self Defense Parties which have proven to be quite popular. For more information, go to www.safeinterna- or call 613-363-3286 or 1-800-465-5972. Special photo Chris Roberts, founder of SAFE International, back- ground, poses with Marc Joseph, CEO/president of Spartan Training Gear in this promotional photo. Follow @gkielec on Twitter. For breaking news, go to and click on The Journal. Email

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