Celebrating a new home

u know that from 1867 to 1878, the July 1 st holiday celebrating the founding ada was known as Confederation Day? niversary officially received the name Dominion Day in 1879. Then, in 1888, a was celebrated overseas during a banquet organised in London for the 21 st rsary of the Dominion. The banquet was such a success that it became an tradition. Five years later, July 1 st was proclaimed “Canada Day” at... the o World’s Fair! mmemorated during the Depression and the Second World War, the federal ment decided to revive Canadian interest in celebrating their country in the . The number of festivities started increasing and ceremonies and gatherings ued to diversify. In 1967, the year of the Confederation’s centennial celebra- ommemorative festivities drew the entire planet’s attention in large part due to 67, held in Montreal. Fifteen years later, on October 27, 1982, Dominion Day ficially renamed “Canada Day.” 28 years that have passed since the centennial celebrations, July 1 st has grown pe and is now recognised and celebrated in every region of the country. For etails on Canadian history, go to O Canada, a brief history

July 1 st is Canada Day. It is also the day when I celebrate the existence of my adoptive country. A country that I love and would never leave for anything in the world. I immigrated to Canada when I was a young teenager. With tears in my eyes, my mother and I left our native France to discover another continent. At first, Canada seemed so vast that I didn’t know where to look first. Then my smile returned. By living in each of the four corners of this country, I discovered Canada’s multicultural aspects. From Saint John’s to Winnipeg, passing through Montreal and the Okanagan Valley, I lived within different communities and I grasped the beauty and richness of my new country. Canada taught me tolerance and freedom. It has shaped the woman I am today. It is through Canada that I have become bilingual. Some days, I even have the feeling that Canada has given me wings,

which I never had before. I have become a Canadian citizen and, twenty three years after first arriving, feel truly Canadian. I am proud to be a part of this country in my heart, my habits and my values. July 1 st reminds me of how attached I am to a country that has allowed me to become who I wanted to be. One day soon, I will pack some suitcases for my daughter and me, we’ll take the train and I’ll show her the greatness of our home. In doing this I will pay homage to my adoptive country, with a long, well-deserved visit.

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Happy Canada Day! Bonne fête du Canada !


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