Master ofArts in Ministry Preparation Program

CURRICULUM The courses leading to the Preparation Program Certificate of Completion consist of 27 units comprised of the following: PR 011 Theological Learning Skills....3 PR 012 Theological Reading................3 PR 013 Theological Writing .................3 PR 020 Foundations for Spiritual Growth .... .............. .. ..3 PR041 New Testament Survey I ........3 PR042 New Testament Survey II... ....3 PR043 Old Testament Survey I... .......3 PR044 Old Testament Survey II ........3 PR045 Doctrinal Foundations ....... .. ...3 COURSE DESCRIPTIONS PR 011 Theological Learning Skills (3) Use of Library and biblical/theological reference works; study skills; notetaking skills. PR 012 Theological Reading (3) Reading, grammar, sentence and para­ graph structure. PR 013 Theological Writing (3) Composition, writing papers for Bible and theology courses.

OBJECTIVES It is recognized that some potential Master ofArts in Ministry students are unable to ful­ fill the admission requirements of the MA in Ministry program, particularly the require­ ment of 2 years of college level education. Such students may select the MA in Ministry Preparation Program. Its purpose is to provide the skills and foundational knowl­ edge for entrance into and successful achieve­ ment in the MA Ministry degree program. Curriculum for the Preparation Program consists of 27 units of specialized courses to prepare students for the MA in Ministry program. Courses taken in the Preparation Program may not be counted toward any un­ dergraduate or graduate degree program in Biola University-Talbot School of Theology. Satisfactory completion of all course work will lead to the granting of a Certificate of Completion. Application may then be made to the M.A. in Ministry degree program, the only program for which Preparation Program courses and certificate are accept­ able for admission. ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS 1. Completion of five (5) years ministry experience. 2. Must be at least thirty (30) years of age. 3. High school diploma or its equivalent. 4. Proficiency in the English language. 5. Three references: church or denomina­ tional endorsement; personal friend; and ministry colleague (or employer if cur­ rently employed outside the church). 6. Potential of the applicant for academic success will be determined by the Master of Arts in Ministry Committee which will interview each applicant and evaluate all credentials. REQUIREMENTS FOR CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION 1. Completion of all Preparation Program courses for a total of 27 units. 2. Attain a 2.50 grade point average in Preparation Program courses. 3. All Preparation Program courses must re­ ceive grades of "C" or above. Courses in which a grade of less than a "C" is re­ ceived must be repeated. But a maxi­ mum of two (2) repeated courses in the Preparation Program will be allowed.

PR 020 Foundations for Spiritual Growth (3)

Survey of human development, cognition, learning, motivation, socialization and person­ ality theories with application to ministry for personal spiritual development and witness. PR 041 New Testament I (3) Foundations of interpretation; survey of the gospels. PR 042 New Testament II (3) Survey of the book of Acts and the epistles. PR 043 Old Testament I (3) History of Israel's beginnings through the post-exilic period. PR 044 Old Testament II(3) Poetic and wisdom literature; prophetic books. PR 045 Doctrinal Foundations (3) Survey of Bible Doctrines including: Scripture, God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Man, sin, salvation, church and last things.

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