................. Each year, our Financial Aid Office disburses over $8,000,000 in scholarships for academic achievement, athletics, music, communi­ cation, international students, and financial need. Our Financial Aid staffalso assists students in applying for state and federal grants.

Interterm and summer session refund policy 1. Room and Board is pro-rated to the end of the week of official withdrawal. 2. $25 of the tuition charge is considered a registration fee and is non-refundable. 3. Pre/unit refunds are subject to the following schedule: • First week - complete refund, except $25 registration fee. • In a two week course - no refund the second week. • In a three or four week class, 30 percent refunded during the second week, none thereafter. • In five week classes, 58 percent the second week, 30 %the third week, none thereafter. Tuition refunds for class changes (where applicable) will be made in the same manner as refunds for with­ drawals (i.e., full refund within first two weeks of class­ es and pro-rated refund after second week until end of eighth week). All refunds must be requested by properly completing and submitting a departure card or class drop form, the official withdrawal date determining the amount of refund. Class, laboratory and activity fees are refundable only if withdrawal is on or before the final date of late registration. Music fees are for private music lessons and are refundable in the same manner as tuition, except no refund after the sixth week. REFUNDS - OVERPAYMENT Payments to student accounts which result in a credit balance will be refunded upon request. Refund requests will be processed after the credit balance appears on the student's monthly statement. FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION It is the desire of Biola University, within the limits of its resources, to provide financial assistance to students with demonstrated need, especially those who, without such aid, would not be able to attend Biola. The Financial Aid Office provides counseling and assistance to students and their families in structuring the most appropriate package of financial aid. The University is committed to locating sufficient financial aid to permit enrollment of every student wishing to attend. This commitment is based on a partnership which includes student and family support; federal and state grants and loans; and financial aid from Biola. Biola University does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color or national and ethnic origin in administration of its scholarship and loan programs. UNDERGRADUATE FINANCIAL AID Institutional Aid BIOL.\ SCHOLARSHIPS include academic, honor, and presidential awards. MEETING THE DIFFERENCE. Biola's Financial Aid Commitment. The University will provide a Biola Need

Grant equal 100% of the difference between tuition, room and board charges, and the calculated amount of other available resources (including family contribu­ tion, state aid, federal aid, University awards, self-help, federal loans and outside sources.) HONOR ScHOL.\RSHIPS (MINIMUM HAI211JITION). Awarded to highest ranking freshmen and transfer students. Based on academic achievement (GPA and SAn and extracurricu­ lar/leadership activities. Selection begins February 1st No separate application required. Renewable if GPA require­ ment met (3.4 first year, 3.5 second year, 3.6 third year). DFAN'sScHOL.\RSHW ($1,000-$3,000). Awarded to high rank­ ing freshmen and transfer students. Based on academic achievement (GPA and SAn and extracurricular/leader­ ship activities. Selection begins February 1st No separate application required. Renewable with 3.2 Biola GPA ETHNIC ScHou\RS PROGRAM ($1,()()().$3,000). In keeping with Biola's commitment to attracting a culturally diverse student body, the University has reserved a select number of merit scholarships for students of non-white descent. Based on academic achievement (GPA and SAn and extracurricular/leadership activities. Selection begins February 1st No separate application required. Renewable with 3.2 Biola GPA LEADERSHIP SCHOL.\RSHIPS ($1,()()().$3,000). Awarded to freshmen and transfer students who have demonstrated outstanding spiritual leadership in their community. Minimum 2.5 GPA No separate application required. Awarding begins February 1st. Renewable with demon­ strated leadership involvement at Biola and 2.75 GPA MISSIONARY/PA5TOR'S DEPEN0EITT ScHOL.\RSH!PS ($1,600). All dependents of pastors or missionaries (primary family income must be through a church or mission board) will be awarded a $1,600 scholarship each year of attendance. Dependents of pastors/missionaries must file SAAC or FAF and the appropriate application (available in the Fmancial Aid Office) to receive this scholarship. CHRISTIAN WORKERS DEPEN0EITT ScHOL.\RSHIP ($1,000). All dependents of parents employed by a Christian non-profit organization will be eligible for a $1,000 scholarship. Dependents of Christian workers must file the SAAC or FAF and the appropriate application (available in Financial Aid Office) to receive this scholarship. CHURCH MATCHING SCHOL.\RSHIP (Up to $500 from Biola). Open to all Biola students. Biola matches up to $500 of support given by churches to individuals each year of attendance. Checks should come in a lump sum (rather than in monthly installments) within the first month of the semester and be made out to Biola University. Churches are required to send a letter with their check to Financial Aid Office requesting Biola's match. Biola's portion will be pro-rated if student is less than full-time. PREs10Er-rr's AwARD. Full tuition. Senior standing with intention to graduate at the end of the school year required, along with a minimum 3.60 GPA, attendance at Biola for at least two years as well as personal qualifications. Music AwARDs, ranging from $600 to $2,600 are made by the music department to music majors with high­ performance and scholastic capabilities. The scholar-

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