Christian Education

BE 807 Exposition ofCentral Prophetic Passages (2) A special concentration on exposition of selected prophecies with regard to culture, views and the integration of the passages with an overall biblical picture. Elective for Th.M. students; others by departmental permission. BE 842 The Use of the Old Testament in the New (2) A seminar concentrating on the phenom­ ena, interpretation, and significance of select­ ed Old Testament quotations and allusions found in the New Testament Prerequisites: NT604, OT604. BE 880 Directed Research (1-4) Supervised research in selected areas of Biblical studies. Elective for Th.M. students. BE 891-892 Research Seminar (3,2) Discussion and application of the central areas of Bible Exposition research and re­ lated fields of study. Instruction in re­ search, including the identification of a problem, the steps undertaken to resolve a problem, and writing the results. Required for the first semester of the Th.M. (B.E.) program. A second semester may be taken to continue research in the area of interest.

CE 616 Principles of Curriculum Development (2)

Chair: Michael J. Anthony, Ed.D., Ph.D.

Consideration of essential elements in cur­ riculum formation. Intensive study of varied existing curricula. Analysis of contemporary trends in curriculum production. Elective. Offered spring, even years. CE 683 Camp Leadership (2) The philosophy, objectives, administration, program and leadership of a church-related camp. The use of worship, study, crafts, recreation and counseling in church camping. Investigation inl:,9, trends of camping, central­ ized and decentralized camping. Techniques in planning and directing a camp program, in­ cluding counselor training. Elective. Offered spring, even years. EDUCATIONAL AND DEVELOPMENTAL -AGE LEVEL SPECIALIZATION CE 521 Psychological Foundations of Christian Ministry and Lifestyle (3) Investigation into the major issues of ed­ ucational psychology including growth and development, learning theory, motivation, individual differences, self-concept, human nature, determinism, social interaction, mal­ adjustment, discipline, moral influence and retention. Discussion of the major theories and theorists of psychology. Integration of theology and psychology an emphasis. Also investigation into personality development as it relates to Christian growth and lifestyle. Required of M.A. (C.E.) students. CE 552 Life Span Development in Ministry (3) A survey of human developmental re­ search with attention given to physical, cog­ nitive, socio-emotional, moral, and faith as­ pects as they all relate to spiritual devel,op­ ment as a basis for a holistic Christian education ministry. Required of M.A. Min. (M.F.M.) and M.A.C.E. students. CE 557 Moral and Faith Development in Ministry (2) An advanced study of the leading theo­ ries of moral and faith development with at­ tention directed toward implication for in­ tentional education ministries that develop a Biblical values system. Required of re­ duced M.A.C.E. program.

FACULTY Professor: Dirks Associate Professors: Anthony, Bechtle, Johnson, Stevens Assistant Professors: Garland, Leyda Instructors: Cunningham, Ten Elshof OBJECTIVES The aim of the department of Christian education is that of developing Christian ed­ ucators who understand the significance of an educational ministry and who possess the skills necessary to function as Christian educators. To this end, course offerings have been designed to blend theory and practice. Most elective courses are de­ signed for tracking to accommodate the stu­ dent's vocational specialization.


CE 511 Foundations ofLeadership (3) Investigation into leadership theory and practice leading to the development of a bib­ liocentric philosophy of leadership; practice in basic leadership skills; study of applica­

tion of concepts in the church and parachurch agencies. Elective.

CE 512 Education Administration (3) An analysis of administrative principles and processes as they apply to the church and parachurch agencies. Special attention to the relation of administrative functions and ministry. Required ofM.Div. (C.E.), M.A. Min. (C.E.), M.A. (C.E.) and M.A. (M.F.M.) students. CE 514 Women and Men in Christian Ministry (2) An investigation of the role of women and men in ministry and leadership in the light of Scripture. Also includes a discus­ sion of issues men and women in the min­ istry face when working together. Elective. Offered fall, odd years. CE 612 Missionary Education (2) Objectives, programming, activities and administrative methods of implementing a program of missionary education. Investiga­ tion into the auxiliary organization of the church's educational program through which missions are taught. Elective. Offered fall, odd years.

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