CE 653 Childhood Development and Education (2) The child from birth to 12 years with em­ phasis on development of moral and religious values, cognitive processes and social rela­ tionships. In addition, an analysis is made of home and church ministries related to child­ hood education. Emphasis given to basic teaching and ministering skills. Elective. Offered spring, even years.

or enrichment strategies. Required of M.A. (C.E.) and MA (M.F.M.) and M.Div. (C.E. non-thesis) students. CE 633 Principles ofResearch (2) Basic methods of educational research with assessment of each method for use in religious education. Introduction to statistical measure­ ments. Formulation and implementation of re­ search projects in ministry situations. One hour lecture and one hour laboratory required per week. Required of all MAC.E. students. CE 638 Current Trends in Christian Education (2) Identifying and understanding those is­ sues which are of primary concern to the field of Christian education today. Opportunity will be provided for individual and group research in areas of personal con­ cern. The course will investigate current educational trends, alternative church edu­ cation patterns and new forms of ministry. Elective. Offered spring, odd years. CE 644 Music in the Church (2) The place of music in the church's pro­ gram. Criteria for the selection of appropri­ ate music. Techniques for leading music and teaching various groups. The relation­ ship of music to worship, instruction and fellowship. Elective. CE 649 Instructional Technology (2) Administration of the audio-visual program for the local church. Methods for use of mate­ rials for various age levels. Study of equip­ ment and source materials, principle and prac­ tices. Elective. Offered fall, even years. CE 724 Advanced Methods of Educational Instruction (2) Consideration given to the various philosophies of education, theories of learn­ ing, and the factors that influence learning. Emphasis given to becoming a more effec­ tive teacher. Variables in motivation, reten­ tion, transfer and high level thinking will be discussed. A supervised classroom teaching experience is required. Prerequisite: CE 461 or its equivalent, or by permission of the professor. Required ofTh.M. and MAC.E. students. Offered spring semester. MINISTERIAL COUNSELING AND FAMILY MINISTRIES CE 560 Personal and Interpersonal Development (3) Emphasis on personal and interpersonal growth through individual assignments and

small group interactions. Opportunity given for spiritual, physical, emotional, men­ tal and relational development. Required of two year MAC.E. students. CE 603 Counseling Ministry in the Church (3) The ministry of counseling in church context. First consideration given to the strengths, weaknesses and unresolved is­ sues of the counselor. Focus of the course on skills in developing relationships, facili­ tating realization and encouraging responsi­ ble living. Attention given to crisis counsel­ ing as well as issues such as building a counseling ministry team. Required of M.A. (C.E.),MA (M.F.M.), MA (Min.) (C.E., M.F.M.) and M.Div. (C.E.) students. CE 605 Small Group Leadership (2) Roles of small groups in the church in providing fellowship, mutual ministry and edification. Skills for organizing and lead­ ing groups. Introduction to dynamics of small group interaction. (Same as PT 724) CE 618 Psychopathology and Assessment (3) An overview of various models of psy­ chopathology and introduction to some of the tools of personality assessment with the goal of being able to determine which peo­ ple to work with and which to refer to other helpers with more specialized training: Required of M.A. Min. (M.F.M.), MA (M.F.M.) students. CE 620 Premarital Preparation and Counseling (2) Counseling techniques applied to dating · and courtship, engagement and premarital ad­ justments. Principles and structures of pre­ marital counseling are stressed and demon­ strated. Emphasis on the use ofTJf A, Prepare and Family History analysis. Prerequisite: CE 603 or permission of professor. Required of MAC.E. students. Offered fall, even years.

CE 661 Youth Development and Education (2)

Finding and meeting adolescent needs, writing objectives for youth ministry, lead­ ership of learning experiences and outreach experiences, disciple-building and review of available resources. Development of per­ sonal plans for ministry. Elective. Offered spring, odd years. CE 662 Youth Leadership (2) Emphasis on the leadership role in the local church, college campuses and mission field. Development of a youth leadership pro­ gram within the local church. Study of extra­ church organizations and parent-teen rela­ tionships and ministry emphasized. Elective. Offered fall, odd years.

CE 678 Adult Development and Education (2)

A study of issues and developmental tasks of adults. Attention to the ministry of meet­ ing the needs and utilizing the potential of adults. Elective. Offered spring, odd years. EDUCATIONAL PRINCIPLES, METHODOLOGYAND SPECIAL SKILLS CE 601 Educational Ministry in the Church (3) Analysis of ministries of edification as they relate to the personal, the congregation­ al and the administrative aspects of ministry with people of all ages. Focus is on the ex­ planation of various methods and resources available for ministry and on the develop­ ment of individual skills in communicating and leading in these ministries. Required of MA (C.E.), MA (M.F.M.), MA (Min.), MA (B./TS.), and M.Div. students. CE 622 Philosophy ofMinistry (3) Investigation into the theological, histori­ cal, and philosophical foundations which un­ derlie Christian ministry. Also includes an investigation of current practices of min­ istry through an analytical perspective. Designed to help the minister evaluate min­ istry programs and respond with remedial

CE 628 Marriage and Family Counseling (3)

Advanced course dealing with problems and conflicts within marriage and family set­ tings. Counseling methods and practical be­ havioral methods from a scriptural context designed to meet problems and conflicts; conducted via demonstrations, case studies and counseling involvement. Prerequisite: CE 603 and permission from the department chairman. Required of MA (M.F.M.), MA Min. (M.F.M.) students. Elective.

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