SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY Christian Thought - Theology

Chair: Robert L. Saucy, Th.D.

TH 610 Advanced Theology (3) An in-depth study of the major theologi­ cal issues in the areas of bibliology, theology proper, anthropology, hamartiology, soteriol­ ogy. This course is specifically designed for those students who receive reduction in the­ ology due to prior studies. Required of M.Div. and MA students who are not re­ quired to take TH 502 and TH 603. TH 700 The Doctrine ofGod (2) Advanced study of the reality, attributes and Triune nature of God. Includes discus­ sion of the human knowledge and the na­ ture of encounter with God. Prerequisite: TH 502. Elective. TH 702 Advanced Bibliology (2) Intensive study of revelation, inspiration, in­ errancy and authority in the light of contempo­ rary issues. Prerequisite: 1H 502. Elective. TH 707 Roman Catholic Theology (2) A detailed study of the tenets of Roman Catholicism; reading from representative Roman Catholic literature; particular atten­ tion given to the distinctions between Roman Catholic and Protestant doctrines. Especially helpful for those contemplating missionary service in countries dominated by Roman Catholicism. Elective. TH 709 Contemporary Theology (2) The study of contemporary theological positions, including a survey of the philo­ sophical and theological thought leading up to the present scene. Required ofMA (Th.) and Th.M. {Systematic Theology) students. TH 710 Pneumatology (2) The person and work of the Holy Spirit both in the Old and New Testaments with particular attention to His ministries in this age to the individual believer and the church. Prerequisite: NT 501-502. Elective. TH 712 Current Theological Issues (2) An intensive study of the thought of particu­ lar contemporary theologians, prominent theo­ logical or theologically significant ethical issues in the light of biblical revelation. Elective. TH 717 Theology ofHuman Nature (2) Exploration of key areas relating to the nature of man from both a theological and psychological perspective; the biblical nature of man in comparison to teaching theories of human development. The meaning and sig­ nificance of man created in the image of God; nature and dynamics of sin which lead

to sins or psychological maladjustments; practical application of the above concepts to the areas of personal growth and disciple, ed­ ucation and child rearing and church min­ istry. Team taught by faculty with strength in theology and psychology. Prerequisite: 1H 603, or equivalent. Required of reduced MAC.E. students. Elective. TH 718 Theology ofChristian Nurture (2) Designed for the student with back­ ground in the biblical and theological knowl­ edge of soteriology. Consideration of the na­ ture of personal transformation in regenera­ tion, the means and dynamics of nurture including the relation of cognitive and rela­ tional aspects. Examination of the nature of spiritual maturity and its relation to psycho­ logical maturity and hindrances to growth. Team taught by faculty with strength in the­ ology and psychology. Prerequisite: TH 603 or equivalent. Required of reduced MAC.E. students. Elective.

FACULTY Professors: Holloman, Moreland, Saucy Assistant Professor: Gomes

OBJECTIVES It is the purpose of the emphasis of theol­ ogy to give the student a thorough grasp of the great doctrines of the Christian faith. Based upon the Scripture as the ultimate source of authority the doctrines are devel­ oped through the systematic examination and integration of relevant Scriptures with consideration given to doctrinal interpreta­ tions throughout church history. Along with the acquisition of a knowledge of the theological doctrines of the Scriptures, it is the goal of the department to develop in the students a facility which will allow them to continue their own theological development. COURSES TH 501 Theology ofthe Christian Life (3) Study of the doctrines pertaining to the ex­ periential living of the Christian life, including the personal spiritual life, family life, and citi­ zenship. Required of M.Div. and MA students TH 502 Theology I (3) The nature, method and rationale of Chris­ tian theology. Revelation, both general and special, inspiration, canonicity, authority and illumination of the Word of God. The doctrine of God, including His existence, attributes and Trinitarian nature; and angels, both good and evil. Required of M.Div. and MA students. TH 603 Theology II (3) Man, his creation in the image of God, his nature, fall and the effect of sin upon the race. The salvation of God, including the person and work of Christ. The application of salva­ tion to men including election, regeneration, justification, sanctification and perseverance. Required of M.Div. and MA students. TH 604 Theology III (3) A study of the broad kingdom purpose of God and the future events relating to the des-­ tiny of individuals and history including the second coming of Christ in its phases, the millenial reign of Christ, the resurrections, the judgments and eternal state. The church, its inception, its nature both as a living organ­ ism and an organization, its ordinances, and its place and mission in the purpose of God. Required of M.Div. and MA students.

TH 720 The Theology and Practice ofPrayer (2)

A study of the biblical theology of prayer including its meaning, purpose and practice. Elective. TH 724 Eschatological Problems (2) . Typical exegetical and doctrinal prob­ lems in the area of Bible prophecy. Lectures, assigned problems with written and classroom reports, discussion and li­ brary research. Elective. TH 725 The Dispensational System (2) An intensive study of that system of bib­ lical interpretation known as dispensational­ ism; its historical background, modern form and objections. Emphasizing primary theological and exegetical issues or dis-­ agreement between dispensational and non­ dispensational positions. Elective. TH 728 Theological Systems (2) Several major theological systems of thought emphasizing those within the Protes­ tant perspective, but also including significant Roman Catholic and Jewish systems. Elective. TH 729 The Theology ofthe Gospels (2) An examination of the theological teaching of Jesus as recorded in the four Gospel narra­ tives. Special attention is paid to the chrono­ logical development of themes taught by Christ in the light of His presentation and re­ jection. (Cross listed with NT 729). Elective.

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