...•....•..•..••• Biola's student/faculty ratio is 16 to I, helping to ensure accessibility to instructors and personal attention. Our faculty is comprised of top experts in various fields, with 65% ofourfaculty members holding doctoral degrees.

SruoENT MINISTRIES !Ne. provides a means for family and friends to make tax-exempt contributions to a student while in seminary, if student is engaged in 8 or more hours of weekly ministry.

can expect to work 15-20 hours per week when carrying a full class schedule. Previous work experience and hours available for employment will result in better rates of pay above the $4.25 per hour minimum wage. The student who finds it necessary to work for the entire amount of his living expenses should plan to extend the time required for his course of study and to reduce his academic load. APPLICATION FOR AID Students may apply for financial aid by filing a Student Aid Application for California (SAAC) or (non­ California residents) a Financial Aid Form (F AF). In both cases, "Biola University - CSS CooE 4017" should be included on the appropriate sections. All undergraduate California residents are expected to apply for one of the Cal Grant programs, using the SMC. Pell Grants may be applied for by completing the appropriate section of the SMC or FAF. Departmental applications for scholarships (for music, athletics and forensics) are available from departments only. For example, write to the chairman, music department, Biola University. Note: New financial aid applications need to be filed for each academic year. WHEN TO FILE? The following deadlines have been established for the various aid programs: CAL GRANT PROGRAMS New Applicants: March2 Renewals March 2 UNIVERSITI Arn All Applicants March 2* *Although March 2 is the deadline for Cal Grants and the full "Meeting the Difference" students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible after January 1 in order to receive the optimum aid package. FINANCIAL AID DISBURSEMENTS All financial aid is awarded for the academic year; one half is applied to a student's school account each semes­ ter (unless stated otherwise). Students enrolled for only one semester are entitled to only that semester's award.

GENERAL FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION The following apply to both undergraduate and graduate aid applicants. Entitlement Aid Biola University is authorized as an institution to grant benefits to veterans and dependents, social security bene­ fits and assistance from the California Rehabilitation Program. Students interested in this type of aid should contact the Registrar's Office. If an applicant is a non-California resident but a resi­ dent of the United States, he/she may obtain a loan through his/her state's Higher Education Loan Program, by contacting a participating bank in his/her home area. If his/her state participates in the GSL program, he/she may contact a bank in his/her community. Student Aid Grants As funds are available, Student Aid Grants are made to needy students from the Student Aid Fund. This fund is maintained by gifts from friends of the University. Students are not required to repay the University, but it is hoped that recipients will contribute to the fund when they have completed school in order to provide for others who are in need. International Students International applicants must establish the degree of their ability to meet the costs of an education at Biola University. Each international applicant must submit a signed statement of financial responsibility as well as signed statements from any agencies or individuals who have taken the responsibility of underwriting the student's expenses. These statements must include the exact amount of the commitment. Canadian Grants Canadian citizens who receive at least two thirds of their college funding from Canadian sources are eligi­ ble for the Tuition at Par (f AP) Grant for the Fall and Spring semesters. The TAP Grant covers the differ­ ence between U.S. and Canadian dollars as calculated at the beginning of each semester. Students must submit the TAP application (available through the Admissions Office) by April 1. Renewable. Student Employment The University maintains an employment office for the benefit of students needing part-time work to defray expens­ es. While this office does not guarantee employment, it does make an effort to place every student desiring work. Jobs are available both on and off campus, according to student's ability, capacity to handle the added burden of employment and financial need. Normally, a student

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