Old Testament & Semitics Chair: Thomas J. Finley, Ph.D.

NT 880 Directed Research {1-3) Detailed research on some aspect of the New Testament. May include a special focus on or combined study of exegesis, New Testament history, introductory mat­ ters, or New Testament theology. Elective for Th.M. students. NT 890 Advanced New Testament Seminar (1-4) Supervised research of designated areas of concentration in New Testament litera­ ture, history, interpretation or theology. May be repeated for credit with different content. Elective for Th.M. students; others by departmental permission. NT 891-892 Research Seminar (3, 2) Discussion and application of the central areas of New Testament research and relat­ ed fields of study. Instruction in research methodology, including the identification of a problem, the steps taken to resolve it, and writing the results. Required for the first semester of the Th.M. (N.T) program. A second semester may be taken to continue research in the area of interest.

OT 707 Old Testament Poetry (2) The nature, scope and principles of Hebrew poetry in the Old Testament. Comparisons with the poetry of the Near East. Elective.* OT 708 Advanced Hebrew Reading (2) Selected passages of Hebrew text with emphasis on reading and translation. May

FACULTY Associate Professors: Finley, Rigsby

OBJECTIVES The department aims to acquaint stu­ dents with the life, customs and thought of the Hebrews and their neighbors in the bib­ lical and related periods; and to give stu­ dents an accurate foundation in Hebrew grammar, syntax and exegesis, so that their expositions of the English Bible will reflect this sound basis of interpretation. The de­ partment purposes not to be exhaustive, but rather directive in the matter of further inde­ pendent study from the original languages. COURSES OT 603 Elements ofHebrew I (3) Basic grammar with translation and writ­ ten exercises; readings of selected biblical texts . A non-credit lab will be required for all students. Required of M.Div. and MA (B.E., N.T and O.T emphasis) students. OT 604 Elements ofHebrew II (3) Additional grammar and syntax with emphasis on reading and translation in selected texts. A non-credit lab will be re­ quired for all students. Required of M.Div. and MA (B.E., N.T and O.T emphasis) students. Prerequisite: OT 603. OT 704 Old Testament Prophecy (2) The character, extent and personalities of Old Testament prophecy, with a treat­ ment of principles of prophetic interpreta­ tion. Elective.* OT 705 Exegesis in Genesis and Selected Passages (3) Readings and exegesis from the Hebrew text of Genesis and selected passages with di& cussion of text criticism, background issues (hh;torical and compositional) and exegetical methodology. Special attention given to the strengths and weaknesses of contemporary methodologies for the interpretation of the biblical text. Prerequisite: OT 604.Required ofM.Div., MA (O.T emphasis) students. OT 706 Advanced Hebrew Grammar (2) A study of the details of Hebrew grammar and syntax along with readings in the Hebrew text. Prerequisite: OT 705. Elective.*

be repeated with different content. Prerequisite: OT 705. Elective.*

OT 709-710 Reading ofSelected Psalms from the Hebrew Text (2, 2) Particular emphasis upon the devotional and practical values. Prerequisite: OT 604. Elective.* OT 715 Studies in the History and Culture ofIsrael (2) Historical and cultural examination of a particular period in Israel's history (Exodus and Conquest, Judges, United Monarchy, Divided Monarchy, Judah to the Fall of Jerusalem, Post-Exilic), using available bib­ lical and extra-biblical materials. May be re­ peated with different content. Prerequisite: BE 519. Elective.* OT 717 The Old Testament in its Near Eastern Context (2) Examination of the archeology, history and literature of the Ancient Near East as these subjects relate to interpretive issues in the Old Testament. Required of MA (O.T emphasis). Elective.* OT 718 Archaeology ofPalestine (2) The history of excavation, the history and geography of the land and the bearing upon the Old Testament. Elective.* OT 720 Studies in Old Testament Introduction (2) Text, canon and examination of the foun­ dations and conclusions of modern historical­ critical methods. Special introduction of se­ lected Old Testament books to illustrate these topics of general introduction. Elective.* OT 725 Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha (2) Consideration of the non-canonical litera­ ture from the period between the Testaments. Emphasis on the development of]ewish thought during the centuries be­ fore the advent of Christianity. Elective.*

*Electives are offered by rotation and on request.

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