SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY Research La,nguages RL 711 Elements ofEcclesiastical Latin (3) Basic grammar, syntax and vocabulary of the Latin language with a view toward reading ecclesiastical texts. Elective.

ST565 Leadership Emergent Patterns (3) The study of the prnciples and patterns used by God as He raises up leaders for His work. This study will include a discussion of the vital place of spiritual formation in leadership development. ST 570 Introduction to Bible Translation (2 or 3) An introduction to the principles and problems of intercultural communication with special emphasis on translating the Bible into indigenous languages. ST 661 Introduction to Church Growth (3) A basic understanding of church growth concepts as related both to the local congre­ gations and to the task of worldwide evan­

ST 802 Spiritual Conflicts and Counseling (3)

A study of the conflict between the king­ dom of darkness and the kingdom of light with an emphasis on the authority, power, protection as well as the vulnerability of the believer. The techniques of counseling the spiritually afflicted are also considered. (Cross listed with IT 802)

RL 712 Selected Readings in Ecclesiastical Latin (2)

Representative selections from Latin eccle­ siastical texts, including liturgical, didactic and confessional writings. Samples will be drawn from patristic, medieval and Renaissance/ Reformation Latin writers. Prerequisites: LG 711 or permission of the instructor.

ST 860 The Church in Third World Societies (3)

The message, method and role of the evan­ gelical church in societies undergoing socio­ technological change. Elective for Th.M. stu­ dents, others by departmental permission.

RC 721 Elements of Theological German (2)

ST 871 Theological Education by Extension (3)

Basic grammar, sytax and vocabulary of the German language with a view toward reading theological texts. Elective.

gelization, with due emphasis on the Church Growth school of thought.

The concept of theological education by extension, including its history, objectives, methodology and the writing of programmed instruction with particular emphasis on mis­ sionary application. Elective for Th.M. stu­ dents; others by departmental permission. ST 872 Advanced Bible Translation (3) Discourse considerations in translating from Greek into indigenous languages. Prerequisite: Greek.

ST 662 Mission in Political Context (3) Consideration of modern political ideolo­ gies and movements as they affect the church and its mission in selected national contexts. ST 672 Bible Translation (3) Principles of the semantic analysis of discourse structure. Prerequisite: Advanced Linguistics.

RC 722 Selected Readings in Theological German (3)

Reading of representative selections from theological texts. Prerequisite: LG 721 or permission of the instructor.

ST 680 The Local Church and World Missions (3)

For additional courses see the School of Intercultural Studies.

Designed to integrate principles of cross­ cultural communication and theology and strategy of missions within a total conceptu­ al framework to aid the local church in mis­ sion involvement. ST 765 Leadership (3) Cross-<:ultural study of leadership includ­ ing diverse patterns of authority, legitimacy, public support, leadership recruitment, and training as they affect communication, Church growth and development worldwide. ST 775 Anthropology/Linguistics for Biblical Interpretation (3) An integration course, exploring how methods and perspectives in anthropology and linguistics may illuminate linguistic and cultural features of scripture, building upon the foundation of the grammatical historical method of Biblical interpretation. Prerequisites: BE 517 Hermeneutics and Bible Study Methods.

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