Credit by Examination and Course Validation No graduate credit in psychology will be given by examination or validation. Students who possess an excellent but 11011-transcript­ ed background in an area of study may, with the permission of the advisor and chair of the Committee on Academic Qualifications, validate by examination to receive a waiver for a required course. No unit credit is given for such validation. Successful validation al­ lows the student to take additional equivalent elective hours in the program. Time Limit for Degrees All course and academic requirements must be completed within four years for the terminal Master of Arts degree, and within eight years for the Psy.D. and Ph.D. degrees, beginning on the date of the student's first registration for graduate study at Rosemead.

GENERAL ACADEMIC INFORMATION Classification ofStudents Graduate psychology students meeting all entrance requirements will be classified as regular graduate students. Students who do not fulfill all entrance requirements may be admitted on a provisional status until they correct the deficiency. Any such deficiencies must be removed within one calendar year of a student's admission as a provisional stu­ dent. It is only in rare instances that a stu­ dent will be accepted on provisional status. Students will be classified in the pro­ gram as follows: First year

the end of the semester. Such a grade in­ curred in one semester must be made up by the end of the first nine (9) weeks of the next semester or the grade will automatical­ ly become a "W." A "W" can be made up only by repetition of the course. No grade other than an "RD" may be al­ tered once it has been reported to the regis­ t:rar's office unless an error was made in grading or recording. These changes can only be made upon written approval of the instructor, the registrar and the Committee on Admissions and Academic Qualifications. The following grades are also used in Rosemead records with special significance for the professional aspects of the programs: S Satisfactory 0.00 points AUD Audit 0.00 points R Dissertation research in progress 0.00 points IP Internship in Progress 0.00 points

30 graduate units or less completed

60 graduate units or less completed

Second year

90 graduate units or less completed 120 graduate units or less completed

Third year

Fourth year

Professional Standards and Student Conduct

Student Academic Load The normal full-time load for a

Fifth year Class work complete and internship in progress Dissertation (ABD) All requirements met except for dissertation. Grading System Students wishing to obtain a graduate degree must maintain a consistently high academic performance throughout their program. An overall B average, i.e., 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, is required for all degrees. Only grades of "A", "B", "C" earn graduate credit. Grades of all students are recorded in the registrar's office. Grading is on the fol­ lowing basis: Grade Grade points A Superior achievement 4.00 A- 3.67 B+ Above average achievement 3.33 B Average achievement 3.00 B- Low average achievement 2.67 C+ Minimum passing performance 2.33 C Minimum passing performance 2.00 C- Minimum passing performance 1.67 F Failure 0.00 A "W" indicates an official withdrawal from a course and does not affect the stu­ dent's grade average. A "UW" indicates an unofficial withdraw­ al. Students who register for a class but do not attend it are automatically given the grade of "UW" which will influence the grade average the same as an "F." A temporary mark of "RD" (Report Delayed) will be used in special cases of ex­ treme hardship where an extension is war­ ranted and approved by the dean. A stu­ dent mus t appeal for an "RD" grade before

Rosemead student in psychology is 12 to 16 hours per semester, but not less than nine hours. Without the advisor's approval, a student may not carry over 16 units in any semester. Part-time registration of less than nine units is permitted only after a stu­ dent has been admitted to candidacy. Rosemead does not admit part-time stu­ dents to its degree programs. For full statement on satisfactory aca­ demic progress see Academic Standards section of catalog. Pre-Internship and Dissertation Students Pre-internship, internship and disserta­ tion (ABD) status students must continue to register and pay the required fees each semester appropriate to their status (see fee schedule). Students in dissertation status who have completed their required units in dissertation research and all pre-internship students must register for three additional units each semester until the dissertation is completed. Transfer Credit Students may transfer up to nine semester hours of applicable graduate-level courses from an accredited graduate school or theo­ logical seminary toward the master's degree. Doctoral students may transfer up to 30 semester hours of applicable graduate-level courses in psychology (including the nine hours on the master's level) and/or up to 15 hours of theology and Bible applicable to Rosemead's program (including the nine hours

The academic programs at Rosemead are designed to prepare graduates for licensure (on the doctoral level) by the professional li­ censing boards of the various states. Because of the professional nature of Rosemead's pro­ grams, students are required to maintain the standards of the psychological profession as defined by the American Psychological Association, the state of California and the professional psychologists who comprise Rosemead's faculty. As a part of Biola University, which serves a broad spectrum of evangelical churches, Rosemead also has both a doctrinal statement and a statement of conduct (See general information section of catalog). Prospective applicants should be fa­ miliar with the standards. Students who do not abide by these standards or other institu­ tional policies and procedures may be subject to probation or dismissal from the program. Academic Probation A student failing to maintain the minimum grade point average of 3.0 will be placed on academic probation. The following semester, should the student not meet the minimum cumulative grade point average (3.0), they will automatically be dismissed. A student cannot graduate while on probation. Academic Dismissal A student may only be allowed a combi­ nation of two "F"s and/or two "C''s (under­ stood to include both C+ or C-); a third "C" and/or "F" brings automatic elimination from the program.

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