SPY718 Doctoral Research Seminar I (3) This is the first of a two course sequence which Psy.D. nondissertation students can take as a partial fulfillment of their doctoral research competency. This course includes an in-depth study of research methods in clinical psychology and experience in criti­ cally reviewing current clinical research. SPY 719 Doctoral Research Seminar II (2) Building on SPY 718, this course in­ volves writing and in-depth critical review of the research literature on a selected topic in clinical psychology. SDS 721 Dissertation Research {1-10) Planning and implementation of a research project including literature review, problem definition, hypothesis formation, design, and implementation of field research, data analysis, and report writing. The student's dissertation research is supervised by a faculty chairman and committee. The final stage requires the student to successfully sustain an Oral Defense of the dissertation. Required of all doctoral programs and permission of instructor. STN 731 Internship in Clinical Psychology (0) Professional experience of a one year in­ ternship in a facility approved by the Professional Training Committee. Prerequisites: Successful completion of comprehensive examinations, course re­ quirements, professional qualifying exami­ nation (Psy.D.) or professional interview (Ph.D.), and approval of a dissertation pro­ posal. Required of all doctoral programs. Internship fee: $1,000 per semester. PSYCHOTHERAPY LABORATORY This series of elective courses is designed to effect a working integration of conceptual and experimental aspects of psychotherapy. Ph.D. students are required to take 12 units of SLB courses and Psy.D. students, 21 units. Each course includes both course work and supervised clinical experience within the psychotherapy model followed in the specific course. Completion of SPY 500, 515, and 690 or their equivalent is required before enroll­ ment in these courses is permitted. All SLB courses have limited enrollments and require permission of the instructor. SLB 605 Behavior Therapy (3) The observation, assessment and modifi­ cation of human behavior, including oper­ ant, respondent and social learning models.

life. Issues addressed include career satisfac­ tion, professional decorum, interdisciplinary relationships and therapist impairment and burnout, and steps involved in developing and maintaining a clinical practice. Elective. SPY7o<J Current Issues in Psychology (1-2) Intensive focus is given to a selected topic of contemporary interest such as grief thera­ py, forensic psychology, National Health Care and Psychological service. Elective. SPY 710 Special Techniques in Clinical Practice {1-3) Intensive consideration of a specific tech­ nique utilized in modern clinical practice and requiring specialized training. A single major technique, for example the Halstead­ Reitan Adult Neuropsychological Battery, clinical hypnosis, or multi-generational ther­ apy will be the focus each time this course is offered. Elective.

Emphasis is on supervised client interac­ tion. Prerequisite: SPY 604 and permission of instructor. Elective.

SLB 613 Psychotherapy with the Adolescent (3)

Techniques and problems in psychother­ apy with adolescents. Special attention is focused on the implications of developmen­ tal processes of adolescence on treatment approaches. Prerequisite: permission of in­ structor. Elective. SLB 631 Psychodynamic Therapy (3) An in-depth study of the process of ther­ apy based on pschoanalytic developmental theory and giving special attention to the concepts of transference, counter-transfer­ ence, resistance and interpretation. Prerequisite: SPY 515, participation in indi­ vidual training therapy and permission of in­ structor. Enrollment must be planned for both SLB 631 and 632. Elective. SLB 632 Psychodynamic Therapy II (3) Continuation of SLB 631. Prerequisites: SLB 631 and permission of the instructor. Elective. SLB 641 Psychotherapy with Groups (3) The essentials of the group psychothera­ py process are examined and related to cur­ rent modalities in psychotherapy and gener­ al group phenomena. Elective. SLB 642 Psychotherapy with Children (3) The nature and treatment of common emotional and behavioral problems of child­ hood from a psychoanalytic developmental perspective. Special attention is given to parent counseling. Prerequisites: SPY 604, 641 and permission of instructor. Elective. SLB 643 Behavior Modification with Children and Parents (3) The nature and treatment of common emo­ tional and behavioral problems of childhood from a learning theory perspective. Special at­ tention to parent counseling. Elective. SLB 671 Marriage and Family Therapy I (3) A study of the literature and practice of marital and family therapy. The course pro­ vides an overview of various approaches to family therapy with a special emphasis on the structural family therapy model. Application of clinical techniques is accom­ plished through observation, simulations, and at least one marital or family case using

SPY 711 Seminar in Ethical and Professional Issues (3)

A study and discussion of the ethics of professional psychology with an emphasis on the American Psychological Association's Code of Ethics, guidelines, and laws that govern the profession. Preparation for the oral and written portions of the licensing exam in the state of California is also given emphasis. The challenge to integrate a pro­ fessional, Christian, and personal ethical code is discussed. Required of Psy.D, Ph.D. SPY 712 Independent Study {1-3) Individual work, directed reading or spe­ cial problems in psychology. Such work must be done with the approval and supervision of a faculty professor of record. The student is expected to submit a detailed course proposal and a bibliography with an arranged course permission form available from the Registrar's Office. Required courses may not be taken through independent study. Elective. SPY 715 Training Therapy (Group) (0) For official indication on the student's transcript of required personal growth ex­ perience through group training therapy. Required of all doctoral programs. SPY 716 Training Therapy (Individual) (0) For official indication on the student's transcript of required personal growth expe­ rience through an individual training thera­ py. Required of all doctoral programs.

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