STP 760 Independent Study (1-3) Individual study, directed reading or spe­ cial problems in integration. Such study must be done with the approval and supervi­ sion of a faculty professor of record. The stu­ dent is expected to submit a detailed course proposal and a bibliography on a learning contract form available from the registrar's office. Required courses may not be taken through independent study. Elective. INTERCULTURAL STUDIES Students can apply up to six (6) units of the following courses toward the psycholo­ gy graduation requirement. Course de­ scriptions are given under the School of Intercultural Studies section of the catalog. SCL 520 Interpersonal and Intercultural Adjustment SCL622 Intercultural Communication SCL 702 Social Organization SHM 552 Christianity and Culture SST 561 Topics in Applied Cultural Anthropology SST 562 Culture Change SST 563 Sex Roles in Society

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