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to: Te?t of English as a Foreign Language, Box 899--R, Princeton, New Jersey, U.SA 08541 Because this test is administered only at certain times, the candidate for admission should make inquiry as to the testing dates well in advance of the date of anticipated matriculation in the United States. Financial Responsibility ofInternational Students All applicants for admission to Biola University must establish the degree of their financial responsibility to meet the costs of an education in the United States. The student must supply information attesting to his ability to provide United States dollars in the minimum amount required to support the costs of tuition and room and board, in excess of the cost of a round trip fare from his native country. Applicants who do not have the finances to pay all of their expenses must come under the sponsorship of an approved mission or other approved agency. Sponsorship must include financial responsibility toward the sponsored student. Employment Foreign students admitted to the United States on a student visa are required by law to be registered as full­ time students, carrying a minimum of 12 credit units of academic work. No off-campus employment is permit­ ted for such a student without written permission of the United States Immigration authorities. Such permis­ sion is seldom granted. VETERANS Biola University is approved as a degree-granting institution for the attendance of veterans under Title 38, United States Code. This includes the programs covered in chapters 30, 31, 35 of Title 38, relating also to the education of disabled veterans and war orphans, and 106. The California Department of Veterans Affairs has also authorized the University for the attendance of veterans' and veterans' dependents. Veterans or dependents of veterans who plan to enroll in the University are urged to contact the veter­ an's coordinator in the Registrar's office well in advance of registration so that the necessary arrangements may be made with the Veterans administration or the California Department of Veterans Affairs. PRE-REGISTRATION Pre-registration for the fall semester is held during the month of April and early May, and for the spring semester in November and early December. All students are required to preregister if they plan to return to school the next semester. Failure to preregister will mean filing an application for re-admission ($35 fee) if the individual plans to enroll for the next semester.

REGISTRATION Students are to register in person during scheduled registration days. Late registration will continue through the eighth day of classes. A late registration fee of $35 will be charged those who fail to register during the scheduled registration days. Registration is not complete until satisfactory financial arrangements have been made. Students will receive credit for only those courses in which they are officially enrolled in the office of admissions and records. Registration is mandatory for Rosemead students in all phases of the program including students in internship and those who have completed all requirements except the dissertation. CHANGE OF REGISTRATION A student who finds it necessary to drop or add a class must obtain from the Registrar's office the proper form for such a procedure. A student who drops a course without fulfilling this requirements will receive a "UW" in the subject. A charge of $4 is made for each class change transaction. Addition of classes may be made during the first two weeks of the semester. After that date courses cannot be added unless approved by the Registrar's office. Courses may be dropped without penalty during the first 12 weeks of classes. If a course is dropped during the first eight week of classes, it will not be recorded on the student's perma­ nent record. Courses dropped between the ninth and twelfth week of classes will have a grade of "W' recorded. WITHDRAWAL A student who officially withdraws from the University during a semester will receive a grade of "W" in all courses if withdrawal is no later than the end of the 12th week of class. Otherwise, a grade of "UW" or "F" will be given. A course which is dropped by a Talbot student doing passing work results in a grade of "W," but for a course dropped while one is not doing passing work a grade of "F" will be recorded. A student who withdraws may be granted honorable dismissal provided that he has met all his financial obligations to the University, has secured a departure card from the student affairs office and completed all forms for with­ drawal and is in good standing at the time. A student who withdraws unofficially, that is, he has not completed the proper forms supplied by the student affairs office, will not receive a refund of any portion of his tuition or fees and will receive a grade of "UW" in each course. If he has no financial obligations to the University, a transcript of his work will be sent to anoth­ er school upon request.

Veteran 's Office (213) 903-4720

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