In order to graduate the student must: A Complete the required courses listed below: 1. 16 units of core consisting of: SCL 500, 501, 503 or SST 560, SCL 520 or 622, SST 562; and SHM 751. 2. 6 units of Bible/theology 3. 20 units of advisor-approved electives. A student may choose to focus elec­ tives in areas of specialization such as anthropology, missiology, Bible trans­ lation, linguistics, TESOL, etc. B. Successfully pass a comprehensive ex­ amination over one's coursework. C. Maintain a 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale. Crosscultural Education Emphasis The crosscultural education emphasis in the MA Intercultural Studies is designed to equip teachers, trainers, consultants, etc. in crosscultural aspects of the educational pro­ cess, international literacy, and Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL). The Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies core is required with the addition of SST 575 and 765 Some electives may be selected, in consultation with the student's advisor, from graduate level courses in the Departments of Education and Christian Education. Crosscultural Health Care Emphasis The crosscultural health care emphasis in the MA Intercultural Studies is de­ signed to offer health care professionals one year and one summer of graduate study to prepare them for crosscultural ministry. It is a 42-unit program for the qualified can­ didate and can be reduced to 34 units when the student has had extensive undergradu­ ate Bible coursework. The Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies core will be the same except that SST 675 and 676 will substitute for SCL 702. Recommended electives are SCL 501. SST 563, 673. The student will take 15 units of Bible and theology which can be reduced to 8 units with previous undergraduate Bible courses. Recommended courses include SHM 751 and SST 802. M.A. in Missions The MA in Missions is a 62-unit pro­ gram. However, students with qualified un­ dergraduate strength may graduate with fewer units, though in no case fewer than 32 units, of which at least 24 must be taken at Biola University. In order to graduate the student must: A Complete the required courses listed below:

2. Those without intercultural/missions or Bible/theology may have additional coursework added to their program. 3. All applicants must submit a written statement outlining their vocational objec­ tives and how the degree will relate to those objectives. Applicants should attach a one­ page, typewritten letter to the application. 4. All applicants are required to submit three letters of references on forms sup­ plied by the school. 5. All applicants are required to submit offi­ cial transcripts of all previous schools attended. 6. The application deadline for the fall is August 1 and for the spring is January 1. Applications may be submitted after this dead­ line (late application fee of $45), but will be con­ sidered and processed only if space is available and time allows. Doctor ofMissiology A master's degree in a related field at an accredited institution, and 3.3 grade point av­ erage is required for admission; or the stu­ dent must sustain a 3.3 average over one year in the Master ofArts in lntercultural Studies at Biola. Students may receive a 30 unit pro­ gram reduction for the MA concentration. Doctor ofEducation A master's degree or its equivalent ap­ propriate to the Ed.D. is required for admis­ sion. The student must have a GPA of 3.3 in their previous graduate study. Students may receive a 30-unit program reduction, with specific courses waived, according to MA concentration. Three years of min­ istry experience, or its equivalent, are re­ quired for entrance to the program. Admission ofInternational Students and Resident Aliens See Admission, Registration and Requirements section. GENERAL ACADEMIC INFORMATION M.A. in Intercultural Studies The MA in Intercultural Studies is a 42- unit program for the qualified applicant; in cases of extensive undergraduate work in intercultural studies/missions it may be re­ duced to a minimum of 32 units. Students with little or no academic or practical/field preparation in intercultural studies and/or biblical and theological areas may be re­ quired to take additional units, such as SCL 300 or SHM 640, SCL 310 or 413, BE 517, 519, 520 and biblical/theological electives.

1. 16 units of core consisting of: SCL 500, 520; SHM 640 or 550; SST 560 or SCL 702; SST 562, 661. 2. 30 units of Bible/theology including SHM 751, SST 802. 3. 16 units of missiology/intercultural studies electives. B. Successfully pass the comprehensive ex­ amination over one's coursework. Those who have two or more years of prior mis­ sionary service may select to submit an acceptable thesis chosen in consultation with their advisor in lieu of the compre­ hensive examination. Copies are to be submitted to the librarian, as per univer­ sity and school requirements. C. Maintain a grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. The student must complete the program in no more than 5 years. Exceptions may be made in cases where furlough time is not suf­ ficient to complete the program in 5 years. TOEFL is required for international ap­ plicants along with proof of their ability to support themselves. Doctor ofMissiology (1) REsIDENCE AND COURSE WORK A minimum of one year (two semesters and summer) of residence is required for the doctorate. While the doctorate is not awarded simply for completion of stated coursework, there are basic unit requirements for the de­ gree (75 semester hours). A faculty advisor will guide each student in planning a program of courses to serve his or her ministry needs. Admission into the graduate program of the School of Intercultural Studies does not guar­ antee completion of the doctoral degree. Students who enter the D.Miss. program after completion of a master's degree in a related field from an accredited institution must complete a minimum of 45 units at Biola University. Each student's program will be determined in consultation with the faculty advisor. Missiology: D.Miss. students will com­ plete a minimum of 48 semester hours in intercultural studies and missiology. This core consists of: 22 units: SCL 500,501, 702, SHM 550, 742; STM 562, 661, and 662. 8 units: SCL 803, 879 and a three-unit area specialization 18 units: Missiology or intercultural stud­ ies electives to be determined in consultation with the advisor. 15 units: Biblical/theological studies.

This consists of SHM 751 and SST 802 and 9 units of electives approved by the advisor.

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