SHM 742 History ofMissions (3) The background, development and spread of Christianity through world mis­ sions; geographical thrusts, growth dynam­ ics and church structures. SHM 751 Theology ofMission (3) An examination of the theological founda­ tions of mission derived from a study of the history of salvation. This will encompass a study of the mission given to Israel and to the church including some interaction with contemporary theologies of mission. SHM 752 Acts: Biblical and Missiological (3) This course will focus on the historical, cultural and theological content leading the student toward mastery of the Book of Acts. This will be followed by a discussion of co­ gent missiological themes, such as evange­ lism, power encounter, contextualization and the supernatural in missions. SOCIETYTECHNOLOGY AND MISSIONS SST 558 Peasant and Tribal Cultures (3) Anlysis of the cultural institutions and values in tribal, peasant and newly emerging economies, with special consideration as to their open_ness or resistance to change. SST 560 Urban Research and Ministry (3) The use of social science techniques to learn about the people, needs and opportu­ nities for evangelism in the city. SST 561 Topics in Applied Cultural Anthropology (3) Application of anthropological insights to crosscultural problems. Emphasis on: mar­ riage customs, leadership patterns, political relations, indigenous movements, culture change, worldview, etc. May be repeated with different course content. Prerequisite: SCL 300 or SHM 640. SST 562 Culture Change (3) The study of how cultures change, the dynamics and processes of change, the place of change agents and the speed and intensity of change. Implications of such processes are examined in social, political, economic and religious aspects of society. SST 563 Sex Roles in Society (3) The dynamics of male and female roles in Western, non-Western and biblical cultures. Focus on responsibilities, obligations, expec­ tations, leaderships and inter-relationships as they relate to the society as a whole.

SST 565 Leadership Emergent Patterns (3) A study of the principles and patterns used by God as He raises up leaders for His work. This study will include a discussion of the vital place of spiritual formation in leadership development. SST 570 Introduction to Bible Translation (2 or 3) An introduction to the principles and problems of intercultural communication with special emphasis on translating the Bible into indigenous languages.

workers. Prerequisites: SCL 520, 622. RN licensure or consent of instructor.

SST 676 Intercultural Clinical Practicum (3-6)

Supervised crosscultural clinical health care experience. Prerequisites: SCL 520, 622, 675 (may be taken concurrently). RN licensure or consent of instructor.

SST 680 The Local Church and World Missions (3)

Designed to integrate principles of cross­ cultural communication and theology and strategy of missions within a total conceptu­ al framework to aid the local church in mis­ sion involvement. SST691-692 Tutorial (3, 3) A self-study course for experienced field workers, under direction of a faculty men­ tor, in the subject area of the D.Miss. core requirement. This course is limited to D.Miss. students who can demonstrate prior know- ledge and competence in the subject area of the required core. SST 721 Crosscultural Education (3) Exploration of socio-cultural factors that affect teaching and learning strategies in education both here and abroad. SPR 760 Urban Practicum Internship (3, 6) A program of crosscultural internships in the urban metropolitan area of L.A By permission of instructor only. SST 762 Advanced Church Growth (3) A theological and missiological under­ standing of church growth principles and their application to the missionary task. SST 765 Leadership (3) Cross-cultural study of leadership includ­ ing diverse patterns of authority, legitimacy, public support, leadership recruitment, and training as they affect communication, church growth and development worldwide. SST 775 Anthropology/Linguistics for Biblical Interpretation (3) An integration course, exploring how methods and perspectives in anthropology and linguistics may illuminate linguistic and cultural features of scripture, building upon the foundation of the grammatical historical method of Biblical interpretation. Prerequisite: BE 517 Hermeneutics and Bible Study Methods.

SST 571 Technology and Missions Topics (3)

SST 575 Multicultural Education (3) Experiential approach to crosscultural differences in the classroom as they affect teaching and learning. Focus of attention is primarily the United States. SST 581 Jewish Life and Evangelism (3) The cultural and religious patterns of the contemporary Jewish life and their signifi­ cance in evangelism.

SST 661 Introduction to Church Growth (3)

A basic understanding of church growth concepts as related both to the local congre­ gations and to the task of worldwide evange­ lization, with due emphasis on the Church Growth school of thought. SST 662 Mission in Political Context (3) Consideration of modern political ideolo­ gies and movements as they affect the church and its mission in selected national contexts. SST 667 Technology in Community Development (3) Examines the worldwide economic pres­ sures of population growth and food short­ ages, and focuses on appropriate develop­ ment projects for Christian holistic ministry. SST 673 Anthropology ofCross-cultural Health Care (3) The anthropological study of problems of illness and health, with emphasis on un­ derstanding the cultural context of health care programs. SST 675 Crosscultural Health Care Delivery (3) Theories and skills required for crosscul­ tural health care delivery related to health teaching, physical assessment, and prepara­ tion and utilization of indigenous health care

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