610 Christian School Finance (2) Design, development and implementation of a budget in a Christian school; fundraising procedures and school building design. 612 School La,w (2) Constitution, statutes and court deci­ sions which affect schools, administrators, teachers and pupils. Attention given to laws and regulations relating to private schools.

613 Principles ofCurriculum Development (4)

Essential elements in curriculum forma­ tion; intensive study of varied existing cur­ ricula; analysis of contemporary trends in curriculum production. Attention to Christian school curriculum. 623 Evaluation ofTeaching and Learning (2) Theory and function of tests and mea­ surements in education, including practice in the use and interpretation of specific test and measurement devices used in schools. 628 Instructional Research (2) Nature of educational research, research writing, and analysis of research content and methodology, including research de­ sign, measurement, methods of analysis, computer use in research, and evaluation of research reports. 630 Project (2) Optional. Intensive study of curricula and/or instruction of significant practical value to an educational instruction or setting, culminating in a formal written report. Prerequisite: permission of graduate advisor. 632 Thesis (2) Optional. Empirical study culminating in a formal written report. Prerequisite: per­ mission of graduate advisor. 640 Seminars in Education (1-4) In-depth studies in areas such as: curricu­ lum, instruction, instructional media, class­ room control and management, organization of schools, management of personnel, public relations, implementation of Christian philos­ ophy, early childhood education. May be re­ peated for up to 8 units of credit. Prerequisite: permission of graduate advisor. 650 Comprehensive Written Exam (0) Covers the field of study; must be taken prior to graduation.

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