Application For Undergraduate Admission to Biola University

APPLICATION DEADLINES Fall: June 1st Spring: January 1st

Note: Application may be submitted after deadlines Oate fee of $45) , and will be considered and processed if space is available and time allows.

Application and reference forms are on following pages.

5. If you plan to live on campus, please remit a deposit of $100 (in addition to enrollment deposit), to the director of admissions. 6. The medical examination form included with the ac­ ceptance notice must be completed and returned by a physi­ cian of the student's choice. Address to the Health Center. If your plans change and you do not plan to complete your application or to enroll if accepted, please notify the Office of Admissions.

TO APPLY FOR ADMISSION••• 1. File application. Specify when you plan to enroll (fall, interterm, spring, summer). Every advantage goes to the early applicant. Address mail to Office of Admissions, Biola University, 13800 Biola Avenue, La Mirada, CA, 90639-0001. 2. Remit the $35 application fee (nonrefundable). Do not send cash. 3. Applications filed after January 1st for spring semester or after June 1st for fall semester are considered "late applications". and require a $45 application fee. 4. Request transcripts from high school and schools at­ tended after high school graduation. If enrolled at the time application is filed, be sure to request transcripts of work you have finished and final transcripts upon comple­ tion of course of study whether it is high school or college. 5. Arrange to take the Scholastic Aptitud~,J'est (SAT is preferred). SAT or ACT is required of all applicants ex­ cept those who will have sophomore classification upon entrance (requires 27 units semester units of accepted course work). The education department and nursing will require SAT scores regardless of classification. 6. Request recommendations (forms supplied). One ref­ erence must come from a member of the pastoral staff of your church. The other may come from school or employ­ er. Forms must be addressed to the director of admissions. AFTER YOU'VE FILED••. 1. You will be notified of items needed to complete file. Failure to comply only postpones a decision and admis­ sions could close in the meantime. 2. Interview: All applicants are expected to participate in an interview with an Admissions representative prior to a de­ cision on their application. On-campus interviews are pre­ ferred, when possible, but phone interviews are substituted when travel distance to Biola prohibits the campus visit. 3. A letter of acceptance will be sent upon completion of file if you qualify for admission. 4. Remit required $100 enrollment deposit along with Validation of Acceptance certificate and the residence in­ formation card. Send these three together to the director of admissions.


The Family Education Rights and Privacy of 1974 per­ mits enrolled university students access to certain creden­ tials in their files. Biola University has long permitted ac­ cess for the student to his previous educational records such as high school transcripts and college transcripts (if a transfer), his SAT or ACT scores and his educational record at Biola University. Because of the importance of preserving the confiden­ tiality of letters of recommendation the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act permits an educational institution to suggest an applicant may waive his right to access to let­ ters of recommendation. Signing such waiver is not re­ quired as a condition for admission, receipt of financial aid form or receipt of any other services or benefits from Biola University. In order that Biola University may have valid recom­ mendations it is suggested that the applicant consider waiving his right to see such letters of recommendation. Please be assured that letters of recommendation (along with transcripts, SAT/ACT scores, and your own applica­ tion) are used solely to determine an applicant's qualifica­ tion for admission. Biola University will furnish (upon the applicant's request) the names of all individuals supplying references. However, the applicant usually knows the iden­ tity of those to whom he gives the reference forms. Signing the waiver statement on the reference form is all that is necessary on your part.

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