BIOLA UNIVERSITY Director of Admissions 13800 Biola Ave La Mirada, CA 90639-0001 (213) 903-4752 Professional Reference School D Employer D (Check appropriate square.)

To the Applicant: Print your name and address on the lines provided below and give this form to your high school counselor, principal or another school adminis­ trator who is qualified to give a reference for you. Ifyou are a transfer, submit this form to a teacher or administrator in your college who knows you. Ifyou have been out ofschool for at least one year and have been working, submit this form to your employer. You should provide your reference with a stamped envelope ad­ dressed to Biola's director ofadmissions.

I willingly waive my right of access to see this recommendation knowing that this waiver is NOT required as a condition for admission.

Signature ___________________________________________________

Name of applicant _______________________________________________

First name

Last name

Middle name

Applicant's address ---------------------------------------------- Street City State Zip

1. How long have you known the applicant and what is your relationship to him/her?_______________________

2. How well do you know the applicant? (Ci,c1eone.J

very well



3. What is your opinion regarding the aptitude of the applicant for further academic work? C i,cle one.)





highly enthusiastic

no knowledge

4. What is your opinion of the applicant's level of social readiness for college? (Ci,cle oae.l





highly enthusiastic

no knowledge

5. Do you feel the applicant has leadership ability? Describe. ------ -------------------------

6. What goals does the applicant have?_______________________________________

7. What is the applicant's relationship with his/her peer group? Applicant is: (Ci,cleo, e.J

sought out

admired but not sought out




8. Does the applicant have a good self image? Describe._________________________________

9. How successful has the applicant been in school or work? -------------------------------

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