................. Bio/a offers undergraduate preparatory programs in pre-law and pre-med for those wishing to pursue graduate study in law or medicine.

requirements for each major must be completed. The student must confer with the departments in which he will major and with the Registrar's Office. Double Major A student may be graduated with two majors. The following information is for those pursuing two majors: All prerequisites, supporting courses and depart­ mental requirements for each major must be completed. The second major must have minimum of 18 upper division units unique to that major (i.e. , minimum of 48 major units and 148 total units required - see individu­ al major requirements). The student must confer with the departments in which he will major and with the Registrar's Office. Minors Although Biola University does not require the student to have a minor for graduation, there are a number of instances in which a student may wish to take a minor, especially in planning for a career in teaching. By checking the various departments in the catalog, a student may determine if a minor is offered. Aminor usually requires a minimum of 18 units, 12 of which should be upper division and six of these should be unique to the minor, i.e., not counted toward any other requirements. Writing Competency Requirement Before graduation from Biola, a student must pass the Writing Competency Requirement. This requirement will not be given separately from the standard curricu­ lum. Instead, each department has designed its requirement to suit the particular demands of its major. Several upper-division courses will offer the requirement as part of their regular assignments. The requirement normally should be attempted during the student's junior year, preferably during the first semester. Students with junior status should enroll in at least one of the Writing Competency courses offered within their major (most departments will iden­ tify their Writing Competency courses in the Schedule of Classes, although some departments distribute their own information sheet on the requirement). Some departments require a student to submit a portfolio of written work collected from several upper-division courses (the student should consult their advisors about the department policy). Several departments offer more than one Writing Competency course. If a student enrolls in more than one Writing Competency course, that student may choose the course in which he or she will attempt to fulfill the Writing Competency Requirement. Students who do not fulfill the requirement must enroll in another Writing Competency course during the follow­ ing semester. After a second failure, students must take English 210 (Writing for Competency). A grade of C+ or higher in this course will satisfy the Writing Competency Requirement. Students cannot enroll in English 210 until they have failed their department's requirement twice.

in modern language, political science, economics, American history and government and related subjects. Pre-Seminary: Biola University provides an excellent background in undergraduate education for seminary training. The requirements in general education, Bible, and major fields meet the requirements for admission into seminary. The pre-seminary student should check his program at Biola University with the requirements of the particular seminary he plans to enter. The BACHELOR OF ARTS degree. Offered with majors in art, communication, English, history, humanities, liberal studies, music, philosophy, social science and sociology. The BACHELOR OF Music degree. Offered with empha­ sis in composition, music education, and performance. The BACHELOR OF ScIENCE degree. Offered with majors in art, biochemistry, biological science, business admin­ istration, computer science, mathematical science, nurs­ ing, physical education and physical science. DEGREES OFFERED School ofArts and Sciences School ofIntercultural Studies The BACHELOR OF ARTS degree in the lntercultural studies. The MASTER OF ARTS degree in intercultural studies, world missions, applied linguistics and TESOL. The DOCTOR OF MISSIOLOGY and the DOCTOR OF EDUCATION degree. Talbot School ofTheology The BACHELOR OF ARTS degree in biblical studies and Christian education. The MAsrER OF ARTS degree in Christian education, Ministry and Marriage and Family Ministries. A Master of Arts degree with emphasis in Bible Exposition, New Testament, Old Testament, Theology, Specialized Ministries, Women's Ministries and Biblical and Theological Studies-Diversified. Talbot also offers the MASTER OF DIVINITY degree, the MAsrER OF THEOLOGY degree, the DocroR OF M1N1srRY degree and the DOCTOR OF EDUCATION degree. Rosemead School ofPsychology The BACHELOR oF ARTS degree in psychology. The MAsrER oF ARTS, the DoCTOR oF PSYCHOLOGY and the DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY degree in clinical psychology. School ofContinuing Studies The BACHELOR OF ScrnNcE degree in Organizational Leadership


Students seeking a second baccalaureate degree must complete a minimum of 30 distinct units in a second area of major studies. Aminimum of 160 total units are required for graduation with a double degree. All prerequisites, supporting courses and departmental

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