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The Student Handbook of each school of the University describes the major assumptions, biblical principles and general principles upon which the Community Agreements are based. Out of these also come such day to day issues as appropriate dress for the classroom. In addition to describing activities, services and the University's spiritual life goals, the handbooks are also a resource for community activities and services. Copies of the Undergraduate Student Handbook are available on request from the Student Affairs office. Graduate students may obtain copies of their handbooks from their respective graduate schools.

Academic dishonesty is considered a serious offense, and will be handled by individual faculty in various ways including lowered grades or possible loss of course credit The faculty member will work with the dean for Student Affairs to consider further disci­ plinary action, including dismissal. COMMUNITY AGREEMENTS The University has chosen to set a standard of behav­ ior for all students, faculty and staff. In addition to those behaviors and attitudes which the Scriptures specifically praise or condemn, the Board ofTrustees has adopted the following statement of community agreements which are a requirement for membership in the Biola community. Biola University has long recognized a value in main­ taining certain behavioral standards that contribute to the atmosphere on campus,foster fellowship with a wide range ofChristians and, in many instances, assist in strengthen­ ing our Christian testimony to our community. In this light, Biola University asks both its students and employees to be supportive ofthese behavioral standards. This institution is fer earnest Christians who are sensi­ tive to the many principles ofChristian living that are found in the Bible. The institution also states certain specif­ ic guidelines for the conduct ofthe Board ofTrustees, facul­ ty, staffand students. Although such regulations are not the basis ofour standing in Christ, and are not a necessary consequence ofit, they can be beneficial to the life and testi­ mony ofboth the individual and the institution. To this end, Biola expects the Board ofTrustees,faculty, staffand students to refrain from the use ofalcoholic beverages and tobacco and from gambling. Also, Biola does not allow social dancing at university-related or sponsored activities (that is, at any activity that involves any identifiable univer­ sity group, is publicized on campus, and/or has the appear­ ance ofbeing university related, whether held on or off campus). Further, the Board ofTrustees,faculty, staffand students are expected to exercise discernment so as to abstain from all activities that tend to be morally degrading; this includes but is not limited to individual decisions regarding 'movies and television programs viewed and other entertainment, recreational and social activities. Biola University does not presume to be a censoring agency fer all activities; it does, however, expect tangible evidence of maturing Christian convictions and discerning judgment. Biola reserves the right to dismiss a student, who, in its judgment does not conform either to the stated regulations governing student conduct or to the expressed principles, policies, programs and expectations ofthe University. These standards apply to the student while enrolled in any ofthe schools or programs of the University on campus and offcampus. Further, these standards apply to the Board of Trustees, faculty and staffwhile part of the Biola community. In addition, members ofthe Biola community will observe Sunday as the Lord's Day and give primary atten­ tion to worship, rest, Christian fellowship and recreation, and service.

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