HEALTH CENTER The Health Center staff is available to provide immu­ nizations, diagnosis and treatment of minor illnesses and injuries and physical examinations. Other than a small fee which is charged for some physicals, medica­ tions, and immunizations there is no charge for these these services. The Health Center is not equipped or staffed for the diagnosis or care of obscure, complicated or serious medical conditions. Emergency and special­ ized care is provided by nearby hospitals and medical centers. A student health insurance plan will apply toward the costs of this type of care. All students are automatically covered, and pay for , the Biola student health insurance coverage unless they have given to the Health Center staff at the time of regis­ tration physical evidence of private health insurance coverage. All students who participate in intercollegiate and club sports are covered, and pay for, an additional Athletic Insurance coverage, regardless of other insur­ ance coverage. For more specific information please see The Student Handbook, or contact the Health Center. CAMPUS SAFETY Biola's Campus safety Office has a genuine concern for the safety of individual students as well as the community as a whole. Campus Safety's primary responsibility is to protect the people and property of Biola University. This includes the responsibility for all persons at the University (e.g., students, faculty, staff and visitors) and for all property owned or operated by the University. Trained officers are on duty 24 hours a day and are willing to assist students. The Campus Safety Department offers special services such as a campus escort service, a rape prevention pro­ gram which includes several films and a seminar, bicycle registration service, Operation Identification (engraving of personal property for positive identification in case of theft) throughout the year. Vehicle registration, traffic control, building security and assistance in medical emergencies are additional services handled by this department Recognizing that a Christian university is not exempt from crime and danger, students are asked to use common sense and caution in every aspect of their activities. INTERNATIONAL STUDENT RELATIONS Biola University believes that students from various cultures contribute significantly to the community. The diversity that comes from their experiences enhances our environment of faith and learning. We also believe Biola can contribute to the international attempt to provide services which will help the international student to acclimate to the University. Contact the Students Affairs Office for further information.

requirements prescribed by a physician, our food service personnel are willing to work with individual needs. Commuting students may purchase one of the regu­ lar meal plans, or a discounted commuter pass, or pay for individual meals at door prices. BOOKSTORE The Biola Bookstore is open Monday through Saturday with evening hours Monday through Thursday for the convenience of the students, faculty and staff. All required textbooks as well as general books and supplies are available. The bookstore has a large selection of Christian books, and offers Bibles in a variety of styles and bindings at substantial discounts. Biola insignia cloth­ ing and a large selection of cards. school supplies, gift items, music and personal care items also available. EAGLES EXPRESS The Eagles Express is a convenience store, located adjacent to the Biola Bookstore, with extended hours to serve the immediate needs of the campus. A selection of soft drinks, juices, ice cream, snacks and candy will be available; a small assortment of school supplies, pens, blue books and paper will be stocked. The Eagles Express will be open Monday through Saturday. COMPUTER CENTER Located within the Bookstore, the Computer Corner is designed to meet the computer requirements of the campus for hardware, software and related accessories and are available to Biola faculty, staff and registered Biola students at discounts. Featuring Apple's Macintosh, the Computer Center provides the comput­ ing tools that students will find useful in their course of study at Biola. Several courses, including Freshmen English, require that students have access to the Macintosh for completion of course requirement~. The Computer Center is intended to serve the Biola campus community for computers, related software and accessories. These are sold exclusively to enrolled students, faculty and staff and are strictly for the purpose of enhancing the educatio11.-J process. All areas of the Biola Bookstore will have special hours during summer and vacation times; reduced hours during Interterm. Please check with the Bookstore.

Counseling (213) 903-4800

Career Counseling (213) 903-4875

Health Center (213) 903-4841

DISABLED STUDENT SERVICES A brochure describing services is available upon request from the Students Affairs Office.

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