................. Biola's commitment to the spiritual growth ofeach student is demonstrated through campus-wide chapels, annual Bible and missions conferences, Christian service projects, Sunday night worship services, small group disci­ pleship, summer missions projects, gospel outreach teams and much more.

Academic Disqualification A student may be disqualified at any time if his grades are below a 1.00 GPA in one semester or if he has achieved minimum grades for two successive semesters. A student who is considered for disqualifica­ tion may make written appeal to the Registrar's Office to be allowed to continue on strict probation as determined by the Academic Standards Committee. A disqualified student may apply for re-admission only after a full year has elapsed. After one year, he may apply for re-admis­ sion only if evidence is given which indicates that chances for scholastic success are good. A student who has been disqualified twice may not be re-admitted. For full statement on satisfactory academic progress, please see Academic and Behavioral Standards section of catalog. SCHOOL HONORS Students achieving a semester grade point average of 3.50 or better while enrolled in nine or more units and whose cumulative GPA is 3.00 or better, will be placed on the semester Dean's list. For graduation honors, students completing their course with a grade point aver­ age of 3.50 are graduated Cum Laude. Students with a 3.70 GPA are graduated Magna Cum Laude. Student with a 3.90 GPA are graduated Summa Cum Laude. In order to graduate with honors from Biola University, at least 60 units must be earned in residence at this school. A select group ofgraduating seniors are chosen each year to membership in Epsilon Kappa Epsilon, the baccalau­ reate honor society of Biola University. Membership is limit­ ed to no more than 5% of the graduating class. To be eligible for membership, a student must have a GPAof 3.50 or high­ er and must have completed 80 credit units at Biola prior to the semester of graduation. Fmal selection is based upon scholastic performance, Christian service witness and contributions to the Biola community. BIBLICAL STUDIES AND THEOLOGY REQUIREMENT Biola University is committed to a strong biblical emphasis. A firm foundation in the word of God is imper­ ative for all God's servants, regardless of the ministry they may enter. Thirty units of biblical studies and theology must be included in the program of each student. Each student must take at least one course each semester until the requirement has been fulfilled. The following are required:

Advanced Courses Text elective in biblical studies or theology 3units Topical elective in biblical studies or theology 3 units BBLE 460 Integration Seminar 2 units Note: Students who select a liberal arts major may count only a total of30 units ofbiblical studies and theol­ ogy toward the required units for a degree. (Biblical studies and Christian education majors may count unlimited biblical studies or theology units toward the required units for a degree.) The maximum limit for recognized correspondence courses in Bible is six units. Part-time students (less than 12 units per semester) are required to include at least one biblical studies and theology course within each 15 units completed at Biota University unless the 30 units requirement has been met. Part-time students seeking a degree from Biota University must complete the entire requirement as outlined above. GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENT It is the purpose of the general education require­ ment to introduce the student to areas of study that mature the mind, open new vistas of appreciation and understanding, enrich social relationships, and develop skills and aptitudes that can aid the student in further­ ing his personal and social usefulness. Since it is the purpose of a liberal arts education to create a broad base upon which to build one's continuing education, the student is allowed to select from the following courses to build his own base in the liberal arts. University Life 1 unit required (Not counted toward total number of units for graduation. Required of all new students and transfer students with 11 or fewer units.) Communication 3 units required Foreign Language 12 units required English 6 units required literature 3 units required Fine Arts 3 units required History 8 units required Philosophy 3 units required Physical Education 4 units required Behavioral Science 3 units required Science/Mathematics 8 units required The courses that meet the general education requirement are the following: Communication 3 units Any one of the following will meet this requirement. COMM 100 Introduction to Public Communication COMM 170 Small Group Communication COMM 181 Introduction to Argumentation and Debate COMM 220 Voice and Articulation COMM 280 Oral Interpretation

Foundational Courses BBLE 100 Faith Learning and living BBOT 100 Old Testament literature BBNT 100 New Testament literature

2 units 4 units 4 units

Intermediate Courses BBST 201 God's Person and Work 3 units BBST 202 God's Provision and Humanity's Need 3 units BBST 230 God's People and Kingdom Program 3 units BBNT 200 Early Christian History -Acts 3 units

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