many students spend their summers in overseas ministries with experienced missionaries through the Students Abroad program. SMU sponsors specific chapels by which students are challenged and informed concerning mission opportunities, and each year they present the annual Missions Conference. Other activities include missions multi-media presentations, organizing missions prayer groups and financing missionary projects of several thousand dollars. ATHLETICS Intercollegiate athletics at Biola University provide men and women with interest and ability in athletics an opportunity to compete with other institutions of higher education whose size and athletic policies are similar. Intercollegiate competition for men is conducted in the following sports: baseball, basketball, cross-country, soccer, and track and field. Women's basketball, cross­ country, tennis, track and field, and volleyball. Intramural activities are organized in both team and individual sports for men and women. STUDENT PUBLICATIONS The undergraduate student body sponsors two student publications: a weekly newspaper, the Chimes, and a yearbook, the Bio/an, which also contains a fine arts section. These serve to transmit news, keep a record of school life and provide further opportunity for student creativity and expression. FORENSICS In recent years Biola University has been ranked in the top ten percent of successful speech squads among colleges and universities nationwide. As an active member of the Pacific Southwest Collegiate Forensics Association, Biola regularly attends debate and individ­ ual events speech tournaments throughout the western states. Each year in the fall and spring, Biola hosts intercollegiate speech tournaments on campus. STUDENT MINISTRY The Student Ministries Department provides students with the opportunity to express their faith in tangible ways Games 1:22) and encourages the development of individual gifts and abilities (I Corinthians 12: 1). The ministry oppor­ tunities include church, para-<:hurch, and community orga­ nizations. With the assistance from the Student Ministries Office, each student carrying more than nine units selects a ministry each semester. Our hope is that this ministry involvement will encourage the development of spiritual gifts and provide opportunities for students to depend on God as they risk new spiritual challenges. Guidelines for what constitutes a student ministry and student accountability for that ministry are found in the Student Handbook and will also be sent upon request.

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