407 Advanced Greek Grammar (3) An advanced study of syntax focusing on nuances of grammar and style. To facilitate this study, in addition to the use of advanced grammars, special studies and articles, ex­ tensive use is made of examples drawn from biblical and extra biblical literature. Prerequisite: 304 and 305. 480 Directed Research {1-3) Individual research and writing for ad­ vanced students by special arrangement Study may include concentration in New Testament literature, history, textual criticism, specialized grammatical or lexical projects, in­ troductory matters, or New Testament theolo­ gy. Prerequisite: 202 and at least 6 units of upper division Greek and/or consent May be repeated with different content HEBREW 101, 102 Elementary Hebrew Grammar (3,3) Introduction to the language of the Hebrew Bible: accidence, syntax, as well as reading and translation of biblical texts. 201,202 Intermediate Hebrew Grammar (3,3) Advanced grammar and syntax with em­ phasis upon rapid reading as well as the devel­ opment of exegetical skills. Prerequisite: 102. "Bible For Graduates" Program There is a recognized need for a special­ ized program in biblical studies for the col­ lege or professional school graduate who wishes to be better prepared for Christian service. Biola offers such a course of study. This course is not intended as a substitute for theological seminary education or a Bible institute study diploma program, but is designed to give the graduate who has not had a solid foundation in the Word of God such a foundation. This course is designed to impart to the graduate student sound biblical knowledge through the three principal systems of Bible study: survey, analysis and exposition. It is intended that this course of study will foster independent study of the Word of God. In the event that the student has had any of the required courses in the program, appropriate substitutions may be made. It is believed that the 30 units required in the program will give the student a broad back­ ground in a relatively short period of time. A course of study leading to the Master of Arts degree is available through Biola's graduate school, Talbot School of Theology. Please see graduate section for details.

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