Diversified This option is for those who wish to de­ sign a specialization unique to their inter­ ests such as church-related camping, coun­ seling, communication, business, music, computer science, etc. Pre-seminary in Christian Education If a student plans to pursue graduate work in Christian education, there are spe­ cialization courses appropriate to a broader foundation in specified areas. Pre-seminary in Family Ministries 1nis specialization is designed to pre­ pare the student for the graduate work in marriage and family ministries. Pre-seminary in Pastoral Ministry This specialization provides a strong foun­ dation in Christian education upon which to build a well-rounded pastoral ministry. Note: Students wishing to do graduate work in the field ofChristian education may wish to take advantage ofthe MASTER OF Arns PRO­ GRAM offered at Talbot School ofTheology. The undergraduate and graduate programs have been designed to minimize overlap and to maximize continued development and growth of the student in the field. There are three spe­ cializations designed for students who wish to plan for graduate work at Talbot School of Theology. One specialization is designed for the M.A. in Christian education at Talbot School ofTheology another for the Master of Arts in marriage and family ministries and the third is the Master ofDivinity degree. Detailed information regarding these areas ofspecialization may be secured in the Christian education office or from any Christian education faculty member. MINOR Aminor in Christian education requires the completion of 18 units including the following courses: 150, 251, 261 a11d one of the age level courses (372,373,374). Six additional units are also required which may be selected by the student from any C.E. departmental offerings. Bible 320 must be taken as the Bible elective. Christian Service Assignment Christian education majors should choose assignments for Christian service during the freshman and sophomore years that include experiences of Bible teaching. During the junior and senior years, the vo­ cational practicum requirements substitute for the Christian service assignment.

COURSES 150 Foundations ofMinistry (3)

The general education requirement for a foreign language for those majoring in Christian education depends upon the number ofyears that were completed in high school of the same foreign language. Specific require­ ments are listed under "general education re­ quirements" for the Bachelor ofArts degree. All specialization courses are subject to departmental approval. The specialization areas offered are: Elementary Teaching Credential Program The Christian education/teaching empha­ sis majors must complete a core of 56 units, of which 24 must be upper division and in­ clude: 150, 251, 260, 261, 371, 372, 380, 382; Education 300, 330, 420, 430, 440 and 442. Bible 320 must be taken as the Bible elective. In addition to the 56 unit core, each stu­ dent is encouraged to select a specialization of eight units to be taken outside of the Christian Education and Biblical Studies de­ partments to fulfill their elective require­ ments. This option combines the C.E. major core with liberal studies courses. This specialization requires more units than the others do but some units in the C.E. core are substituted for credential require­ ments. Students must pass the general knowledge section of the National Teachers Examination (NTE) prior to student teach­ ing. The student must consult with the Departments of Christian Education and Education for specifics. Children Vocational opportunities with this option include children's director or minister in a local church, a staff member with organiza­ tions that minister to children in the United States or on a mission field, a writer of ma­ terials for use with children. Youth Vocational opportunities for youth spe­ cialization would include a local church youth director or minister, a club director for youth parachurch agencies, a youth camp director, a Christian education direc­ tor in a church that emphasizes youth or an assistant or associate pastor with responsi­ bilities for youth. lntercultural Vocational opportunities with this option include service on a foreign mission field or service in one of the many subcultures in the pluralistic society of the United States.

Fundamentals upon which a Christian education ministry is built. Relationships between worship, edification and witness will be explored with special emphasis on the education process, staff roles and voca­ tional opportunities in Christian education. 192 Bible Teaching Resources (2) Geography of Bible lands as well as man­ ners and customs of Bible times to enrich Bible teaching. Offered spring semester. 251 Foundations ofLeadership (3) Basics of leadership for a Christian educa­ tion ministry. Emphasis upon development of personal leadership qualities including Bible study, worship, prayer and interperson­ al development which relate to spiritual gifts and the church as an organism. 252 Foundations ofTeaching Ministry (3) Major emphasis upon learning theories and their application to teaching the Bible within the context of the local church and parachurch agencies. Also considered will be lesson planning.

260 Foundations ofInterpersonal Relationships (3)

Essentials of theory and experience neces­ sary to initiate, develop and maintain effective interpersonal communication skills, develop­ ment and maintenance of trust, fellowship, co­ hesiveness, effective communication styles, constructive confrontation and conflict resolu­ tion skills are applied to ministry situations. 261 Foundations ofDevelopment (3) Introduction to human development characteristic. Aspects of development will include the physical, intellectual, social, per­ sonal, moral, faith and spiritual covering the whole lifespan as a base for a more holistic Christian education ministry. 319 Media in Ministry (2) Skill development in the design and use of audio-visual technology for use in min­ istry for all age levels and in a wide variety of teaching settings. Offered fall semester. 320 Inductive Bible Study (3) Essentials of inductive study applied to biblical narrative and epistolary literature.

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