425 Audiology (3) Anatomy and physiology of the ear; hear­ ing problems, testing and rehabilitation. Practical experience in pure tone threshold testing. Lab fee: $15.

452 Motion Picture Post-Production (3) The final course in a three-course film production sequence (358,359,452). Emphasizes editing, music, sound effects, mixing, laboratory coordination, and distri­

470 Communication Seminar {1-3) Various aspects and problems in the field of communication. 472 Intercultural Communication (3) Relationship between communication and culture with emphasis on factors affect­ ing the quality and processes of interper­ sonal communication between persons of different cultures or subcultures. (See also Intercultural Studies 420.)

bution. Prerequisites: 352, 358, 359. Lab fee: $50. (Alternate Springs)

426 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Methods (5)

453 Advanced Television Production (3) The course gives intensive experience in professional level television production. Prerequisite: 353. Lab fee: $50. 455 Broadcast Management and Sales (4) Students do a project including market re­ search, specifying physical facilities, program­ ming, personnel and budget for a proposed radio or television station. Support of the pro­ posed station through advertising is covered. 457 Communication Theory (3) Social scientific theory in interpersonal and mass communication with emphasis on practical usefulness of theories. 458 Methods ofCommunication Research (3) Research methodology for communica­ tion research, including sampling, question­ naire design, introduction to statistics. Students conduct survey research project. A major goal is to become adept at reading and evaluating research reports. Lab fee: $10. 459 Practical and Ethical Issues in Communication Careers (3) Covers ethical and moral problems relat­ ed to employment, current issues in the in­ dustry, and career planning. 461 Readers Theatre (3) Programming and presentation of prose, poetry and drama by two or more actors using the skills of oral interpretation as well as those of the actor. Methods of prepara­ tion, performance and directing. 467 Directing (3) Fundamentals of play directing and re­ hearsing. Includes basic concepts of script analysis, blocking, casting, rehearsal proce­ dures, training the actor and presentation of one act production. Lab fee: $50. 468 Drama in Christian Ministry (3) How to select appropriate material, stage and direct dramatic presentations in a church or other Christian ministry setting.

Methods of evaluation and assessment of speech voice and language problems. Introduction to therapeutic approaches and specific techniques related to speech and language habilitation and rehabilitation. Prerequisites: 321, 324 or permission. Lab fee: $15. 428 Audiometry (3) Advanced study of procedures and prob­ lems in hearing measurement Areas covered will include speech audiometry, masking, re­ cruitment, diagnostic testing and amplification.

474 Advanced Studies in Communication Behavior (3)

Selected communication topics varied by semester. Sections offered include: family communication, non-verbal communication, lis­ tening, communication, and decision-making. May be repeated with different course content

476 Communication Education Seminar (2)

429 Clinical Practicum: Biota Speech/Language Clinic (1-2)

Teaching techniques for the secondary school speech course and forensics team. Required for English/communication sec­ ondary education majors. Alternate years.

Supervised experief!ce working with the speech handicapped population in the Biola Speech Clinic or other agency. Permission of the department must be secured the semester prior to enrolling for this course. May be repeated for a total of six units. Prerequisite: 312, 321, 326, 426, and depart­ mental consent. 430 Advanced Studies in Writing (3) In-depth study of various specialty writ­ ing forms . May be repeated with different course content. Prerequisite: Consent. 440 Communication Internship {1-3) Limited to qualified juniors or seniors who wish to gain practical experience usual­ ly off campus in a work situation. Department permission required. May be repeated for a maximum of six units. 450 Communication Practicum {1-3) Directed practical experience in the vari­ ous fields of communication. Permission of the department must be secured the semester prior to enrolling for course. May be repeated for a maximum of six units. 451 Advanced Audio Production (3) Advanced techniques in miking, mixing, recording, processing and reinforcement of sound. Both technical and artistic aspects are covered, with a strong laboratory em­ phasis. Prerequisite: 251. Lab fee: $50.

478 Pragmatic Social Theories ofCommunication (3)

Survey and application of social theories of communication, including general se­ mantics, confrontations, communication to the grieving, humans as manipulators, and non-verbal forms of communication. 480 Directed Research {1-3) Individual research in an area of commu­ nication determined in consultation with the instructor. May be repeated for a maximum of three units. Prerequisite: consent.

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