403 Economy, Society and Values (3) Exploration of theory and methods for the study of economic and social relations as they impact human values, with empha­ sis on anaytic tools for comparative re­ search and cross-cultural ministry. Prerequisite: 300. 420 Intercultural Communication (3) Principles and processes of communicat­ ing from one culture to another. Focus on different perceptions, ways of thinking, val­ ues, non-verbal expression, language ex­ pression and sub-groups within a culture as they relate to the media and the message. (See Communication 472.) LINGUISTICS AND TRANSLATION 310 General Linguistics (3) Descriptive and historical study of language; linguistic analysis, language classifications, lan­ guage and its cultural and social settings. 313 Language Learning (3) How to learn to speak another language using proven techniques and activities that can help assure success as a language learner. Practical experience in language learning in a foreign-speaking community. Fee: $125. 413 Phonetics (3) The study of the articulation, classifica­ tion, reproduction and recording of speech sounds; principles of phonetic change. (See Communication 312.) 414 Phonological Analysis (3) A study of the sound system of lan­ guages with emphasis on methods of reduc­ ing non-Inda-European languages to writ­ ing. Prerequisite: 413. 417 Grammatical Analysis (3) Linguistic structure and patterning be­ yond the phonological level, concentration on analysis of grammatical and formal oppo­ sitions and their structural relationships. 418 Analysis ofMeaning (3) The study of the semantic component of the grammar of human language. 471 Introduction to Bible Translation (3) An introduction to the principles and problems of intercultural communication with special emphasis on translating the Bible into indigenous languages.

HISTORY AND THEOLOGY OF MISSION 333 Introduction to Church Planting (3) A systematic study of effective cross-cul­ tural church planting. Specific emphasis is given to the theological underpinnings of church planting, qualifications for church planters, teamwork, demographics, philoso­ phy of ministry, strategy design, and turn­ ing over the leadership to the local church. 334 Advanced Church Planting (3) A survey and analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of various church planting strategies. Emphasizing key factors which the church planter can implement in a given cross-cultural context with strategy for turn­ ing over the leadership to the local church. Prerequisites: 333 or consent of professor. 340 Contemporary International Christianity (3) A survey of the contemporary worldwide Christian movement, focusing on the obstacles and missiological issues that are challenges for missionaries and national church leaders. 445 New Religious Movements (3) Examines the role of religion and belief systems as they affect the appearance and direction of a variety of revitalization move­ ments found in Africa, North America, Brazil, Asia and the Pacific. 446 History of the Expansion of Christianity (3) The background, origin, development and spread of the Christian faith from the apostolic period until today.

SOCIETY, TECHNOLOGY AND MISSION 441 Topics in Applied Cultural Anthropology (3) Application of anthropological insights to cross-cultural problems. Course may be re­ peated with different content with depart­ ment permission. 442 Culture Change (3) The study of how cultures change, the dynamics and process of change, the place of change agents and the speed and intensi­ ty of change.

451 Social Structure and Church Growth (3)

Abasic understanding of church growth con­ cepts as related both to the local congregations and to the task of worldwide evangelization. 457 Urban Research and Ministries (3) The use of social science techniques to learn about the people, needs and opportu­ nities for evangelism in the city. 458 Peasant and Tribal Cultures (3) Analysis of the cultural institutions and val­ ues in tribal, peasant and newly emerging economies, with special consideration as to their openness or resistance to change. 460 Urban Practicum (3) A program of cross-cultural internships in the urban metropolitan area of Los Angeles. By permission of instructor only. 461 Sex Roles in Society (3) The dynamics of male and female roles in Western, non-Western and biblical cultures. Focus on responsibilities, obligations, expec­ tations, leadership and interrelationships as they relate to the society as a whole. 470 Seminar/Intercultural Studies: Selected Topics and Issues in Missions (1-3) Women in Islam: The theoretical and practical concerns of Arab women. Women in Missions: The theoretical and practical concerns of women today in the world of missions. Short Term Missions Preparation: Orientation for short term missions program.

450 Introduction to the Theology ofMission (3)

A study of the centrality of God's redemp­ tive acts in behalf of mankind from both the Old and New Testaments, with emphasis on their application to the mission of the Church in modern times. (See Theology 468). 453 Christianity and Culture (3) Anthropological approach to Christian the­ ologizing; interrelationships between supra­ cultural Christianity and human cultures. 456 World Religions (3) The distinctive features of the historical eth­ nic religions, with special emphasis on their comparison and encounter with Christianity and their bearings upon missionary strategies.

473-474 Practicum Seminar (1-3, 1-3)

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