The professional degree BACHELOR OF Music is also offered in one of the following areas: performance, composition and music education. Students interested in pursuing one of these degrees must demonstrate a high level of performance potential and commitment to music as a profession. Candidates for the Bachelor of Music de­ gree are exempt from the general education requirement in foreign language, literature and fine arts and need take only five units in mathematics and/or science. Specific requirements for the available degree options for the Bachelor of Music are as follows:

435 Mathematics for the Physical Sciences (3) First order differential equations and second order linear equations, series solu­ tions, Laplace transforms, numerical meth­ ods, partial differential equations and Fourier series, boundary value problems and Sturm-Liouville theory. Prerequisite: 205, 291 or consent. Alternate years. 440 Complex Variables (3) Complex variables, analytic functions, complex integral theorems, power series, conformal mappings. Prerequisite: 205 or consent. Alternate years. 450 Topics in Abstract Algebra (3) Topics from groups, ring and fields. Galois theory. Prerequisite: 315. Alternate years. 480 Research Seminar {1-3) Special studies in mathematics. Prerequisite: senior standing or consent.

Chair: Jack Schwarz, D.M.A.

FACULTY Professors: Childs, Liesch, Lock, Schwarz, Unfreid, Wiebe, Wong Associate Professors: Anderson, Owen AssistantProfessor: Gray OBJECTIVES (1) to provide opportunities for all stu­ dents to study music as an essential part of a liberal education; (2) to serve as a profes­ sional school preparing music specialists for teaching, graduate study, performance, the ministry of church music and other ca­ reers in music; and (3) to prepare all of our graduates for effective contribution to the musical life of the evangelical church. ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS: All students seeking admission must demonstrate musical background and perfor­ mance strengths necessary for successful completion of the stated curriculum. Provisional acceptance is granted for the first year of study. Upon entrance, students will be given placement exams and auditions in music theory, keyboard skills and performance. Specific information concerning the con­ tent of these examinations and suggestions for preparation are available by writing the Music Department office. The placement ex­ aminations are given for the purpose of deter­ mining proper placement in music courses. DEGREE PROGRAMS All music majors pursuing one of the Bachelor of Music degree programs must complete a basic core of 38-40 units of music. Students in the major must maintain a 2.00 GPA in the major and receive a mini­ mum grade of "C-" in each course. The core consists of the following: 102C, 113, 114, 118,119,200, (4 semesters), 213,214, 300 (3 semesters), 307,308,309,311,312,315,323, 340, (2+2), 410,440. For the Bachelor of Arts degree, the following core courses are not required: 311,312,315,340 (2). Note: Voice performance students are exempt from Music 102C. Keyboard per­ formance students are exempt from Music 118, 119. In addition to the basic core units de­ scribed above, requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree include: 121, 122, 223, 224, 325,326,427,428, Ensemble (6), Electives (8-11). Total units 55.

MAJORS Music Education: (28-30 units)

161,162,263,264,320,324,334,365,366, 420,467,468,470. Ensemble-non-pianist (8), Ensemble-pianist (4). Pianists must also take: 260A/B, 360, 380. Professional education courses: 12 units Education 300, 330, 425, 435. Note: No more than one ensemble unit per semester will apply to the eight-unit require­ ment. Additional ensemble units may fulfill elective requirements. Performance: (40-42 units) PIANO (42 units) 171, 172,260A/B,273,274,350A,360, 370,375,376,380 (1+1), 420,430,477,478, 490, chamber music (4), music electives (5) . ORGAN (42 units) 171, 172, 260A/B, 273,274, 350A/B, 370, 375,376,380 (1+1),420,430,477,478,490, ensemble electives (6) (by advisement of organ faculty) , music electives (4). I NSTRUMENTAL (40 units) 171, 172,273,274,370,375,376,420,430, 477,478,490. Ensemble winds/percussion: symphonic winds (6), electives (2). Strings: chamber orchestra (6), electives (2). Music electives (6). VOICE (41 units) 151,152,171,172,251,252,273, 274, 370, 375, 376, 430, 477, 478, 490. Ensemble: choral (6), elective (2). Music electives (5). Note: No more than one ensemble unit per semester will apply to the 8 unit requirement. Additional ensemble units may fulfill elective requirements. Voice performance students who plan fur­ ther graduate study are encouraged to take courses in French, German or Italian since proficiency in two of these is usually re­ quired for entrance into graduate programs.

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