Political Science

305 Comparative Government (3) The government systems of England, France, West Germany and Russia com­ pared to the American system of govern­ ment. Offered alternate years. 306 Public Policy (3) An analysis of public policy process and the political context of its formation. System­ atic review of the diverse financial systems in making and implementing public policy. 307 International Relations (3) A survey of national-state system; forces affecting international relations; sources of conflict in world politics, and their solution by power politics and international cooperation. 310 Student Government Practicum (1) The organization and function of student government at the University level; parlia­ mentary procedure, committee work and similarity to state and national legislative government. May be repeated for a maxi­ mum of four units. (Limited to Biola Associated Students Council and Senate members. Students working for A.S. for an hourly wage may not enroll.) 320 The American Presidency (3) Historical development of the office of the presidency; formal and informal powers of the president in executive, legislative, judi­ cial, military, diplomatic and political areas. 350 Great Western Political Thinkers (3) A study of selected political theorists. Emphasis on such writers as Plato, Aristotle, Church Fathers, Augustine, Aquinas, Machiavelli, Luther, Calvin, Hobbes, Locke, Burke, Bentham, Marx, Niebuhr and oth­ ers. Readings in primary sources. Prerequisite: HIS 100,200 or POL 200. 391 Public Finance (3) Traditional principles of public finance, government spending and fiscal impacts, development of the public sector, budgets, taxation, procurement, pollution and energy incentives, state and local expenditure pat­ terns, property taxes and revenue sharing. Prerequisites: 301; Business 201, 202, 212. 400 Political Parties (3) Analysis of the history, philosophy, organization and functioning ofAmerica's political parties.

Public Sector Employment Preparation Students interested in public service at the municipal, county, state or federal level are advised to major in social science with a con­ centration in public administration. The 15 units concentration should include Political Science 200, 301, 306, 470, and 488. Intern­ ship in Public Administration should be taken in the public sector. California Teaching Credential To qualify for a secondary teaching cre­ dential in Government, the program must be tailored to meet the guidelines for teach­ er education. The student must consult with the Departments of Political Science and Education for specifics. COURSES 200 Survey ofAmerican Government (4) The history, organization and function of the legislative, judicial and executive branches of the American government Includes one hour per week involving students in a local government civic service or life experience activity. Satisfies the state requirement in institutions in American history. Meets the requirement for United States Constitution for California teacher certification. May be taken to satisfy a portion of the eight units historygeneral education requirement 210 Perspectives on American Government (1-2) Contemporary issues in American gov­ ernment and politics as seen from a Christian perspective. 301 Fundamentals ofPublic Administration (3) Fundamentals of public administration; overview of the concepts, nature and scope of the field . Role of government in modern society and the nature of public business. 303 Great Political Thinkers (3) Selective readings in major political thinkers from classical to modern times; analysis of recurring themes including: jus­ tice, natural law, human nature, social class, order, consent, community, property, consti­ tutionalism, social change, revolution, and war. Offered alternate years. 304 Organizational Theory and Behavior (3) Key concepts central to organizing and changing public agencies to meet public social needs. Review of theories, managerial approach­ es and methodologies in public administrators.

Chair: C. David Peters, Ph.D.

FACULTY Professors: Jessup, Peters

OBJECTIVES The Department of Political Science seeks to equip students to understand the funda­ mental socio-political institutions of society, and their effect on contemporary life; to par­ ticipate in and contribute to the political pro­ cess; to assess the propriety of political issues and government policies; and to recognize and help meet the needs of the local, state, national and international community; all in a manner consistent with biblical Christianity. DEGREE PROGRAM A BACHELOR OF ARTS DEGREE IN SOCIAL SCIENCE with a POLITICAL SCIENCE CONCENTRATION is of­ fered. Requirements include a 15-unit core of Political Science courses. See social sci­ ence section for information on the major. MAJORS American Studies Program Biola University cooperates with the American Studies Program in Washington, D.C. This program provides work/study opportunities for students each semester in all of the disciplines offered at Biola but es­ pecially political science. Based on the prin­ ciple of integrating faith, learning and liv­ ing, students are invited to spend time in the nation's capital serving as interns, par­ ticipating in an academic seminar program and living in a unique community of Christians from different geographical re­ gions and denominational backgrounds. The American Studies Program is de­ signed for juniors and seniors with a wide range of academic majors and vocational in­ terests. Students are involved in the American Studies Program for periods of three or four months. The internship/semi­ nar opportunity is available September through early May with students completing 16 units in four months. A student may earn all 16 units in Political Science or 14 units in Political Science and two in Bible, if desired. Prerequisite: Survey of American Government 200. To make application to the program, interested students should see the chairman of the Political Science Department, who also serves as director of the Biola/Washington D.C. American Studies Program.

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