General Studies

OBJECTIVES To provide students the opportunity to learn, exercise and refine skills to enhance their chances for a successful college experi­ ence. To stimulate personal awareness and responsibility in the learning experience en­ hancing each student's ownership of his/her education. Specifically, the courses will facili­ tate student growth in: 1) broadly educating in the arts and sciences; 2) providing funda­ mental skills necessary for competence in a major; 3) increasing knowledge in biblical studies by integrating faith and learning. COURSES GNLA 001 College Study Skills (0) Instruction in effective study techniques and reading skills. Emphasis on the incorpo­ ration of skills with current academic work. GNUL 100 University Life (1) An introduction to basic issues con­ fronting university students. Includes dis­ cussion of interpersonal relations, skills for academic success, and the integration of Christian faith and learning. Required for all freshmen during their first semester at Biola. Not counted toward total number of units for graduate.

GNRC 300 Writing Competency Requirement (0)

Before graduation every student is re­ quired to fulfill the Writing Competency Requirement. This requirement measures a student's ability to write clear and correct English prose; it also tests whether a stu­ dent can write according to the conventions of his or her field of study. Each department offers its own variant of the requirement, and students must fulfill the requirement given in their majors. Usually, a department offers its Writing Competency Requirement as part of one or more of its upper-division courses. Students should consult with their advisors about the specifics of the requirement in their majors. Once a student achieves junior status he or she is eligible to fulfill the Writing Compe­ tency Requirement; however, it would be wise to discuss the requirement with one's advisor in advance of the junior year. After a student has fulfilled the require­ ment, credit will be registered on the student's transcript. A student who does not complete the requirement must reattempt to fulfill it dur­ ing a subsequent semester. If a student fails the requirement twice, that individual must pass English 210 before graduation.

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