Talbot Seminary Wives' Fellowship Seminary Wives Fellowship meets period­ ically during the school year to promote spiri­ tual growth and fellowship among the wives of seminarians. The program emphasizes personal development, commitment to min­ istry, preparation for service, and leadership skills. Meetings are held on the Campus.

Student Christian Service The seminary recognizes the necessity of active service in Christian work while stu­ dents are pursuing their courses of study. From the time of enrollment students are asked to engage in some type of approved weekly ministry. The high population densi­ ty of Southern California creates extensive service opportunities of many types. Field Education Field education is that part of the stu­ dent's academic program in which there is active participation in a supervised experi­ ence within a church setting. A full-time M.Div. student must register for field educa­ tion each semester. (A part-time M.Div. stu­ dent must register for field education once within every 16 units completed.) For specif­ ic course numbers see the Practical Theology section under course descriptions. After completing 64 units of class work in the M.Div. program, students become eligible to register for field education internship. This intensive supervised practice of the ministry is composed of three clusters oflearning: 1) supervised field experience for a minimum of 100 hours in each of two semesters; 2) seminars with other students registered for field education internship; 3) individual coun­ seling with the director of field education on specific aspects of the student's experience. The Biola Campus The seminary has classroom, chapel and administrative office facilities located in Myers Hall and Feinberg Hall. Metzger Hall houses University administrative offices including the Admissions and Registrar's Office. In addition, the seminary shares the li­ brary, cafeteria, coffee shop, residences, gym­ nasium, infirmary and prayer chapel with Biola University. Also available are a crushed brick quarter mile track, a soccer field, a base­ ball diamond, tennis courts and a short course Olympic swimming pool. See general infor­ mation section for a full campus description. Library The library contains over 200,000 vol­ umes, including bound journals and micro­ forms with their respective readers. Special features of the library include an extensive index file of sermon outlines and illustra­ tions, an excellent collection of bibliographic tools and journal indexes and a number of special collections. The principal theological journals in English are received regularly.

for the courses through the Admissions and Registrar's Offices. ITS courses which may be taken for credit are listed after the Talbot course de­ scriptions. Further details may be obtained from the Talbot Associate Dean's Office.

DISTINCTIVES Accreditation


Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Talbot, as a school of Biola University, is included within Biola University's accreditation by the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Association of Theological Schools. Talbot is a member of the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada, the internationally recognized accrediting body of seminaries and schools of divinity.

While Biola University cannot guarantee employment, we have observed that prayer and God's guidance have miraculously pro­ vided employment for our students in past years. Students should apply to the univer­ sity student employment office (Metzger Hall, first floor) . We will make every effort to assist you by referring you to employ­ ment positions when available, commensu­ rate with your qualifications and in confor­ mity with your daily class schedule. Students may also secure off-campus sec­ ular employment in a wide variety of occupa­ tions. Local offices of the State of California Department of Employment can be very helpful in the location of these job openings. The placement office (see next item) can sometimes assist the student in securing part­ or full-time employment in local area churches. Placement The placement office works closely with students to assist them in securing part­ time internship positions in local area churches. These placements are an inte­ gral aspect of the field education practicum sequence of courses. The placement office also provides ca­ reer counseling for students and placement information for graduating seniors and alumni seeking ministry in fields of service to which they believe that the Lord has called them. The placement director along with the placement committee works close­ ly with denominational and interdenomina­ tional Christian leaders. Campus Housing and Dining Campus living quarters are available for single men and women. Until facilities are :filled, they are assigned according to the date of receipt of the $50 housing deposit ($100 for apartment) . More detailed information and housing request forms may be obtained from the director for residential programs, Metzger Hall, Biola University. This office can also provide some suggestions concern­ ing off-campus rooms and apartments.


Agencies of the United States Government which recognize the training given at Talbot include: I. The United States Department of Health Education and Welfare, Office of Education. II. The Chaplaincy Branches of the Army, Navy and Air Force. Full-time seminary students are eligible to apply for commissions as second lieu­ tenants or ensigns in the chaplaincy branches of the Army, Air Force or Navy, with eight weeks 6f active duty training optional during the summer va­ cation. A course in chaplaincy orienta­ tion is offered by the department of prac­ tical theology. III.The Veterans Administration. IV. The United States Department of]ustice, Immigration and Naturalization Service. Chapel Forty minutes of each day, Tuesday through Thursday, are set aside for a chapel service. The purpose of chapel is for wor­ ship, instruction and exposure to current is­ sues, ministries, missions and gifted individ­ uals. Not every chapel will fulfill each pur­ pose and some will be designated for a single purpose such as worship. Chapel ser­ vices are an integral part of the total educa­ tional experience and the corporate and indi­ vidual formation of the student body. Friday chapel time is given to small group prayer.

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