Students Astudent must register in a thesis class each semester until the thesis is completed and aa:ept­ ed for binding by the hbrary. Astudent finishing course worl< in December has 11/2 years to complete the thesis. Astudent finishing course worl< in June has one year to complete the thesis. If geographic location prevents registra­ tion in person, it is the student's responsibility to contact the Registrar's Office for registra­ tion materials. Registration by mail is subject to the same rule as registration in person. Transfer ofCredit Transfer credit for acceptable work done in other graduate schools will be allowed for courses which are parallel to those required in the curriculum. Applications received by May 1 will be provided with transfer credit decisions at the point of acceptance. Transfer credit for late applications will be accomplished during the fall semester. Graduate courses with grades of Cor above at accredited institutions or those validated with grades of Bor above from approved unaccredited schools are con­ sidered as acceptable on a transfer basis. For validation procedure for unaccredited work, contact the Registrar's Office.

Students with a 3.70 G.PA. are graduated with High Honors. Students with a 3.90 G.PA. are graduated with Highest Honors.

SPECIAL STUDIES The following are special studies courses to assist students in becoming proficient in writing skills essential for an effective semi­ nary education. Specific enrollment re­ quirements are indicated in each course description. SS 500 Theological Writing (0) Grammar, sentence structure and para­ graph development for theological writing. Critical thinking and composition including extracting information from sources, synthe­ sis, format for written papers. Experience in writing papers in theological and related areas. A3 semester-hour non-credit course which must be taken within the first 9 units of seminary study. Required for students as­ signed by the Talbot Writing Proficiency Exam or students who have completed the ESL sequence.

SS 510 Theological Research Methodologies (1)

Course Prefixes: Course prefixes indicate: BE Bible Exposition CE Christian Education DE Doctor of Education DM Doctor of Ministry HE Thesis

Research skills for use of library and the­ ological reference works. Methods of theo­ logical writing with emphasis on critical thinking, persuasion, and evaluation. Must be taken within the first 15 units of study. Required of all M.Div. and MA. students. Prerequisite: SS 500 (no concurrent enroll­ ment), or passing score on Talbot Writing Proficiency Exam (IWPE).

HT Historical Theology LG Research Languages NT New Testament Language and Literature OT Old Testament and Semitics PH Philosophy of Religion PR Master ofMinistry- Prerequisite Track

PT Practical Theology SHM, SCL, SST Missions SS Special Studies TH Systematic Theology TS Independent Studies


Those graduating with a grade point av­ erage of 3.50 or higher are elected to mem­ bership in Kappa Tau Epsilon, the Talbot scholastic honor society. This honor is noted on the permanent record card. For graduation honors, students com­ pleting their program with a grade point av­ erage of 3.50 are graduated with Honors.

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