5 . All students must pass four Teaching Performance Assess­ ments (TPA), and complete and successfully present the Education Department Portfolio.

certificate in Cross Cultural Language and Academic Development (CLAD). This certificate provides teachers with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to effectively teach and guide students from cultura lly, linguistically and socio-economically diverse backgrounds. Students entering the teacher preparation program from fall 2002 forward will receive an English-Language Learner embedded program that meets the AB 1059 requirements for English-Language Learners.

6. The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing also requires that a teaching credential candidate must have com­ pleted a minimum 2-unit cou rse that covers the U.S. Constitu­ tion or fulfill this requirement by examination. Biola University students can complete this requirement by taking HIST 107 U.S. History, with a grade of"C" or better. Transfer students must either show proof of U.S. Constitution in a transferred course or an appropriate exam covering the principles of the U.S. Constitution. A U.S. Constitution exam and study packet is available in Biola's Department of Education. 1. Show verification of current training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) - infant, child and adult - that meets the standards in either the American Heart Association "B" or "C" level course or the American Red Cross CPR course. PROFESSIONAL CLEAR CREDENTIAL In order to earn an SB2042 Professional Clear Credential, you must first hold a Prelimina ry Credential. To clear your credent ial, the state requires a ((TC-approved, two-year induction program at you r employing district. However, if the candidate presents a verification letter indicating that an induction program is not available, he or she may apply for the Fifth Year Program at Biola University which includes 30-units beyond the B.A. (See Professional Clear Credential requirements in the graduate education section of the School of Arts & Sciences.) Graduate units from induction or Fifth Year may be applied toward an M.A. in Educa t ion. See the graduate education programs in the School of Arts & Sciences section of this catalog or see a graduate advisor for details. Additionally, for your credential, you must show verification of cur­ rent training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) - infant, child and adult - that meets the standards in either the American Heart Association "B" or "C" level course or the Red Cross CPR course. Post-degree students must be accepted into the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences as a Credential only student or as a M.A.E.D. student (see Graduate School admission requirements).


The credential program at Biola University meets the require- ments for the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) Certificate (identical to the California Preliminary Credential program except that BBST 465 Christian Philosophy of Education must also be completed). Application information may be obtained from the ACSI liaison in the Education Department Office. Liberal Studies Degree Program A Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies is offered upon comple­ tion of the university baccalaureate and liberal studies major require­ ments. The Liberal Studies Major is designed to prepare elementary school teachers with a broad foundation in subject matter. There are 34 units of required core courses: Art 306; Bible 109; Education 335,341, 380; History 403; lntercultural Studies 331; Math 104, 118; Music 31 O; Physical Science 101, 102. In addition to this core, each student must complete a concentration of 12 units in one of seven subjects areas: Biology, English, lntercul­ tural Studies, Mathematics, Physical Education, U.S. History or World History.

The General Education requirements for the Liberal Studies major are unique and include the following

, . English 110 A, 110 B; three units of literature, (English 220,230, or 281 or 282); three units of Communication ( COMM 100, 170,181 or 280)

Math 117; Biology 100, 110


The Professional Preparation Program leading to a Cali­ fornia Teaching Credent ial at Biola University is subject to change by law. Please see a credential analyst for current information on completing the requirements for a teach­ ing credential.


3. History 107,207,208; Psychology 200

4. Three units of fine arts: Art 100, Communication 160, or Music 101; three units in Ph ilosophy (PHIL 210, 214 or 215); and a for­ eign language as specified in the university General Education section

CLAD CERTIFICATION The Department of Education (in the School of Arts & Sciences) and the Department ofTESOL & Applied Linguisti cs (in the School of ln­ tercultural Studies) have designed coursework which meets the Cal i­ fornia Commission on Teaching Credentialing requirements for the

5 . Elementary School Activities (Physical Education 201); and two physical education activities


Undergraduate Programs


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