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WRITING EMPHASIS (36 UNITS) The English Department offers aWriting Emphasis. This program en­ ables students to supplement their study of literature with theoreti­ cal and vocational training in wr iting. As part of the regular general education requirement, students must complete English 110 A and 110 B, English 281, and either Com­ munication 100, 170, 181, or 280. The major consists of 36 units, 27 of which must be upper division. Students must take the following courses: English 240, 251, 252, 282, 340, 360, 370, 400, 451 and 452. Three additiona l units must be completed in any one of the follow­ ing courses: English 350,360, 370,410,420,430,440, or 460. Six units must be completed in any of the following courses: English 343, 344, Mass Communication 330, 331, 334, 388, or 431.

Un less otherwise stated, a course may be repeated with different content (section title). The English Department does not exclude students from any of its cou rses on the basis of gender.


Basic Studies in Critical Thinking and Writing ..... ......... 3 Reading and discussion of ideas and methods in writing, stressing fundamentals of grammar, punctuation, spelling and paragraph writing, along with critical thinking persuasion and evaluation. International students scoring below 480 on the verbal section of the SAT II (and under 510 on the SAT II Writ­ ing Exam, if applicable) and undergraduate students finishing ENGL 109 in ELSP must take ENGL 100 within the first term of residence. Three hours of lecture, two hours of lab. Prerequi­ site to 110 B.

ENGL 100


ENGL 110 A Stud ies in Critical Thinking and Writing ........... . ........ ..... 3 Reading and discussion of ideas and methods in writing, stressing critical thinking, persuasion and evaluation: experi­ ence in writing a variety of expository and persuasive essays. Students scoring 480 or higher on the verbal section of the SAT or 51 Oor higher on the SAT II Writing Exam may enroll in ENGL 110 A. Prerequisite to 110 B. ENGL 110 e Stud ies in Critical Thinking and Writing ........ ......... ... .... . 3 A continuation of 100 or 110 A, this course uses literary works as content for reading and discussion of ideas and methods in writing, stressing critical thinking, persuasion and evaluation; experience in writing essays and the research paper. Required. Prerequisite: 100 or 110 A.

The English Department in cooperation with the Communica t ion Department provides a program leading to a Single Subject Califor­ nia Teaching Credential in English/ Communication. This program provides considerable flexibility for those planning to teach English in high school. Students who complete this program are able to waive the subject matter examinations (see Department of Educa­ tion), which otherwise would be required for a California Teaching Credential. In addition to the general education requirement of 12 units in English 110 A, 110 B, English 281 American Literature I and Commu­ nication 100, an English core of 27 units (English 251, 252, 282, 320, 340, 351 or 353 or 354, 400, and six units to be selected from English 343, 344, 360, 370, 380, 420, 430, 440, 451, 452, and 460) is required. An additional 9 units are to be selected from the Communication department, for a total of 36 units in the major. The student must consult with the Departments of English, Communication and Edu­ cation for specific courses allowed in the three areas listed above. Humanities Major I English Concentration The Department of English offers an English concentration for the Humanities major (see Humanities section for specifics). It is basically a minor in English, but more flexibility is possible through depart­ ment advisement. Minor An English Minor is offered with completion of 18 units, 12 of which must be upper division. The student selects units from three or more of the courses listed above under the department major. International Students All students requesting transfer of credits from countries whe re English is not the primary language must provide the following to be assessed by the English Department prior to approval of credits: sample writings, a course description from the university's catalog, a syllabus of the course, writings from the course and transcript. Final decision will be made by the department chair.

Writing for Competency ....... .. ............................................. 3 Intensive practice 1n writing at the college level. Designed for the students who have not satisfactorily fulfilled their department's WCR (Writing Competency Requirement) as de­ scribed in the General Studies section. A grade of C + or better will fulfill the competency requirement. Prerequisites: English I 00 or 11 OA, 11 OB; two unsuccessful attempts to complete GNRC 300; and instructor's signature. ELSP students must have passed the EDET Fee: $25. Literature & Film ... .... .... . ..... .... ...... ... ... ...... ... .. .... .. ... ......... .. ..... 3 Designed to fulfill the general education literature require· ment. Comparison of fictional and dramatic texts with their cinematic adaptations. Prerequisite: 100 or 110 A; 110 B. Fee: $25. Literature in Context ... .. .. .. ... ...... .. .... .... ... ...... .. .. ....... .. .. .......... 3 Designed to fulfill the general education literature require· ment. Selected writers representative of international or ethnic literatures. Prerequisite: I 00 or 110 A; 110 B.




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