The full department faculty wi ll prayerful ly review you r application. Notification letters will be sent out by the deadlines listed in the schedule. You will be notified of you r acceptance, placement on a waiting list or rejection.

director, cinematographer, gaffer, editor, sound designer, record ing engineer, and/or production designer. Whether pursuing careers in the entertainment industry or media ministry, students will discover a spirit of cooperation and collaboration is essential. Students who choose this emphasis must include: 101, 102, 103,104,202,204,251 or 262 or 315,320,358,359,440,452 or 456,470 and 6 un its of upper division mass comm electives. Screen Writing Emphasis A screenwriting emphasis covers the fundamental elements of story­ telling-from conception (the pitch and the outline), to execution (the script), to the all-important rewriting and polishing process. Through classes in the English department, students are encouraged to be­ come vigorous readers. Students will also get a thorough grounding in the production process. Students who choose this emphasis must include: 101,102, I 03, 104,202,204,320,356,366,440,447,456,470, ENGL 344 and either ENGL 220,230,240,251 or 252 (in addition to the general education requirement).

If you have any questions about the status of your application, please call the department secretary at 562-777-4052 or write to:

Acceptance Committee Mass Communication Department Biola University

13800 Biola Avenue La Mirada, CA 90639

FTR Students are encouraged to purchase a computer with video editing sohware. While we understand the financial strains of such equipment expenditures, we also recognize that this technolog ically driven major involves costs well beyond the textbooks that serve as the essential tools for many other undergraduate departments. Contact the department for specific equipment recommendations.

Admission Requirements : Film-Television-Radio program

The Entertainment Industry is a highly competitive, creative, and demanding business. Admission to FTR is separate from and con­ tingent upon your admission to Biola University. Admission to Biola University does not guarantee admission into the FTR major of the Mass Communication Department. Applications to the FTR major will not be considered until after the applicant has been admitted to Biola University. Notifications concerning your acceptance to the FTR major will be processed by groups as listed on the application schedule page available from the Admissions Department. Aher you have completed your application to Biola University, sub­ mit your application to the FTR major by the appropriate deadline. See the application schedule page.

All Mass Communication majors must achieve a minimum grade of"C" in all major courses taken at Biola. Anyone re­ ceiving a lower grade must repeat the course and receive a "C" or better. The total number of units for major area credit from practicum, internship and directed research courses may not exceed nine units. Also, all Mass Com­ munication Department majors are required to take the Biblical Studies 465 integration seminar for Bible cred it.


On-campus Study Opportunities BIOLA RADIO Biola Radio gives you a great opportunity for hands-on practical experience. Check it out at BIOLA TELEVISION Biola's television news service, keeps students, staff and alumni up­ to-date with campus events. Journalism students get practical expe­ rience in writing, reporting, announcing and producing electronic news for he Internet broadcast. THE CHIMES Journalism students get practical news reporting, photography, writing and editing experience by working for "The Chimes;· Biola's weekly newspaper. THE BIOLAN Our college yearbook provides not only years of memories, but prac­ tical experience in photography, layout and writing.

Your application to the FTR major should include the following items.

1 . Completed FTR Application Form.

2 . Typed short answers to the questions on the second page of the Application Form.

3 . Three references with e-mail addresses.

4 . Any examples of your work or accomplishments you would want us to review. Quantity is not necessarily correlated with quality. We prefer one good example. Please be assured that media production experience is not a pre­ requisite for admission into the FTR major. Our program will show you how to use the tools. We are more interested in leadership ability, creative thinking, problem solving, and dreamers of credible character.

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