BIOLA FILM FESTIVAL An annual celebration of the best films created by Film/ TV/ Radio students. This campus-wide event recognizes and awards achieve­ ment in acting, directing, screenwriting, production design and editing. GUERILLA FILM SOCIETY A student created, student led organization dedicated to the art of filmmaking. Weekly GFS meetings allow Film /TV/ Radio major to exchange info, announce upcoming projects, connect with potential crew members, and rally around new and classic films. STUDIO TASK FORCE Over 250 media professionals gather on a quarterly basis to support and empower Biola's Mass Communication department. These committed Christians work throughout the Entertainment Industry, allowing Biola students to draw upon their expertise and connec­ tions. The Parents Task Force comes alongside Biola's students to complement the Programs and activities of the Mass Communica­ tion department, including special premires, fundraise rs, and galas. BIOLA MEDIA CONFERENCE Once a year we bring hundreds media professionals to campus for a an all-day conference on a wide range of media related topics. Given Hollywood's global influence this event attracts participants from around the world. For-up-to date information check our web site, MASS COMMUNICATIONS CHAPELS Film /TV/ Radio and Journalism majors meet monthly for a unique time of worship, fellowship and exploration of the abilities God has granted us and others. A wide range of special guests and experi­ ences makes this "family time" an essent ial part of our growth as an artistic community. INTERNSHIPS Biola's proximity to Hollywood and the entertainment industry, affords our Mass Comm majors prime internship opportun iti es. Our Studio Task Force has extensive contacts in all facets of mass media, from massive movie studios to smaller production companies. Our students find internships to suit their interests and career plans. Off- campus Study Opportunities Through Biola's membership in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, we offer several memorable off campus study programs. More information about these experiential learning programs can be found in the "Off-campus Programs" section of this cata log, or at on the web. If you are interested in one of these programs please consult with your advisor as early as possible. LOS ANGELES FILM STUDIES CENTER An intensive semester-in-Hollywood program. Students get a taste of Hollywood by living and working in proximity to the Studio System. Recommended for upperclassmen.

BIOLA SUNDANCE Students attend the premier festival fo r Ame rican and in ternati ona l independent film. This experiential class is held in Park City, Utah dur­ ing January interterm. THE CONTEMPORARY MUSIC CENTER For musicians or those who wish to work behind the scenes in the music industry, this program gives you a semester-long opportunity to study the music industry. You spend most of the semester in beautiful Martha's Vineyard, plus have an intensive field experience in Nashville AMERICAN STUDIES PROGRAM A great semester for journalists - you study in Washington DC for a semester and intern with a national news organization. SUMMER INSTITUTE OF JOURNALISM An intense, month-long seminar/ practicum in newsgatheri ng in Washington DC

Courses (MCOM) MCOM 101 The Art of Storytelling ................. .. .......... ........ ...................... 3

Creating poets via an introduction to the building blocks of storytelling: character, setting, plot. Students wil l read, analyze and create poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, drama, and film ideas. Special emphasis wil l be given to the history, art and aesthetics of storytelling. Fee: $40

MCOM 102 Visua l Aesthetics .... .. ...... ... ..... ...... .. .. ........ .. .... ... .... ....... .... .... ... . 3 Creating painters via an introduction to the build ing blocks of visual storytelling: camera and lighting. Students will learn how to light and photograph on set and on location, indoors and outdoors, through the use of various cameras and film stocks. Special emphasis will be given to production design and the use of color/ contrast/ movement. Fee: $60 MCOM 103 Introduction to TV & Film Product ion ........... ... ... ....... ...... 3 Creating sculptors via the building blocks of moving images: the editing of pictures and sound. Students will form groups to write, direct, shoot and edit short film and video projects: Fee: $60 MCOM 104 History of Cinema .. ................... ................ ... ...... ... .. ...... .. ........ 3 Creating historians via a survey of the development of the motion picture. Films screened in the course will be analyzed from perspectives of auteur theory, genre theory and themat­ ic criticism. Special emphasis will be given to cultu ral criticism locating films in their unique time and place. Fee: $40 MCOM 106 Convergent Journalism - Print and lnternet ..... ... ... .. .. ... 3 Covers the basic principles of news writing and presentation for print and internet. Students will make their work available for publication in The Chimes in both its print and Internet expressions. Fee: $20.


Undergraduate Programs


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