The Department of History, Government & Social Science in coopera­ tion with the Education Department provides a secondary teaching program in Socia l Science. This program prepares students to teach history, government, geography and economics in California high schools.

Facult Chair: ........... ..................................................... Bradley Christerson, Ph.D. Associate Professors: ............................................ Christerson, R. Flory Mission The Sociology Department seeks to develop critically thinking, engaged Christians, who apply the sociological imagination in their scholarship, work and service, to church, community and society.

Objectives The sociology program:

Prepares students to use the ideas and concepts of sociology in the critical evaluation of social research and socio-cultural commentary. Encourages the development of a deep personal concern for human need due to a systematic exposure to the pressing social dilemmas that face us daily. Develops in our students, and in the larger university commu­ nity, an understanding of the relevance of sociological insight to the Christian who would be aware, caring, progressive and productive.

Clarifies tensions between sociology and theology and promotes a sociology that is theologically informed, and a theology that is sociologically informed.

Fosters a desire to participate with religious and non-religious organizations on a paraprofessional level through direct involvement in various social agencies.

Develops the ability of our students to formulate sound criti­ cal judgment of current social research.

Prepares students for graduate study or career opportunities in various public and private social service agencies, research, business, or Christian service. Degree Program A Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology is offered upon completion of the university baccalaureate and major requirement. The sociology major requires the completion of 30 units, 24 of which must be up­ per division, including 220,441 and 443. In addition, Psychology 210 is required as a supporting course. SOCIAL WORK CONCENTRATION This is organized as a broad preparation for students who desire to enter the helping professions. Required for this major concentration is 30 units, 24 of which must be upper division and include: 220, 300,

Undergraduate Programs



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