12 transferable units from a college (excluding AP. 18 or CLEP). Not counted toward units for graduation.

It is strongly recommended that students plan to fulfill the Writing Competency Requirement by the time they turn in their Senior Petition.

Uni vers ity Intern shi p ........................ ............................ ........ o Internships designed by various University curricular and co-curricular departments to provide supervised and specific learning experiences. All internships will include personal supervision by Academic or Special Appointment Faculty, opportunities for para-professional career experience and constructive mentoring and evaluation. Internship grade is awarded on a credit/ no credit basis. Signature required. Wr iting Competency Requ irement ..... ... ... ..... ... ... .. ...... .. .. 0 Before graduation from Biola, every student must fulfill the Writing Competency Requirement with a passing score. This requirement tests a student's ability to write clear and correct English prose. This requirement will not be given separately from the standard curriculum. Instead, each department has designed its requirements to suit the particular demands of ,ts own discipline. Students with more than one major must fulfill the requirement in each major. The Writing Competency Requirement should be met during the junior year. Students with junior status should enroll in at least one of the writing competency courses offered by their department. Most departments list their writing competency courses in the schedule of classes. Several departments offer more than one writing competency course. If a student enrolls in more than one writing competency course in one department, that student may choose the course in which he or she will attempt to fulfill the requirement for that major. Some departments require a student to submit a portfolio of the student's written work from several upper-division courses. Students should check with their department about its requirements.

GNST 10s

Students will find it helpful to take their papers to the Biola University Writing Center before submitting them to their departments.


ELSP students must have passed English 109 with a "B" grade, and all students must have successfully completed English I00or 1l0Aand English 110 B.

Students who do not pass the Writing Competency Require­ ment on their first attempt must re-attempt to pass it during a subsequent semester. After their second failure, students must take English 210, Writing for Competency. A grade of C + or higher in this course will satisfy the Writing Competency Re­ quirement. Students may not enroll in English 210 unless they have failed their department's requirements twice. Delaying the fulfillment of the Writing Competency Requirement may jeopardize the student's graduation. A notation will be made on the student's transcript once the Writing Competency Requirement has been passed.

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