Courses As a part of the Intentional Character Development Program, Talbot offers classes that integrate a theology of sanctification and spiritual­ ity with an awareness of one's sin, pain, and unresolved issues. The Personal Foundations of Ministry class is required in your first semes­ ter at Talbot. It establishes the foundation for personal openness to the transforming work of the Spirit during your Talbot experience. Spirirual Mentoring Spiritual mentoring is a relationship between the student, a mentor and the Holy Spirit, where the student can discover a model for character formation and deeper intimacy with God. Mentoring Couples Each student will select a couple from their local church or area who will support, encourage, and meet with them monthly throughout their seminary experience. Having an established pattern of support is an effective safeguard during times of pain and struggle or transi­ tion in ministry. Spiritual Mentoring Group Each student is required to participate in a semester-long mentoring group. This is an opportunity to build more intimate relationships with God, other students, and a spiritual mentor and to experience God's present action in the ir life. Spiritual Retreats Each semester, all students will be encouraged to participate in a spiritual retreat to nurture and cultivate their inner lives with God. The consistent times spent on retreat will begin to develop habits of openness, solitude, and intimacy with God. Marital Retreats Marital retreats will be offered each semester for students and their spouses to continue bu ilding intimacy with each other and God. This is an opportunity to establish the habits of refreshment, reflection, and renewal that are necessary to maintain a strong marriage during the trials of graduate school and a lifetime of ministry. Baccalaureate Celebration This will be a dinner celebration and thanksgiving service for the transforming work of the Spirit accomplished in your life during your time at Talbot. This banquet, attended by spouses, family members, mentoring couples, mentors, and faculty, will focus on accomplish­ ment, thanksgiving, commissioning into ministry and acknowledge­ ment of the people who encouraged and supported you through­ out your Talbot journey. Progress Reviews Talbot's desire is to graduate men and women who are well suited for church leadership and prepared for a lifetime of effective ministry. As we desire that you grow in grace and truth, in the love of Christ, and in the character of a biblical leader as recorded in ITimothy 3, we ask that each student engage in a process of reflection and evalua-

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TALBOT AFTER HOURS Late afternoon, evening and Saturday classes are regularly offered at the La Mirada campus. This arrangement provides an opportunity to take several courses each semester, when other responsibilities prevent enrollment as a full-time student. Courses offered are identi­ cal in content to those provided in the daytime schedule and are applicable toward the degree programs of the seminary. HOLY LA D STUDIES Talbot School ofTheology will transfer up to 12 units of elective credit for graduate level courses taken at the Jerusalem University College, Jerusalem, Israel. Study tours for credit are also offered. INTENTIONAL CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT PRO­ GRAM Mission Talbot would like to encourage you to continue the journey that you have already begun as a disciple of Jesus Christ. It is our mission to equip Talbot students to know themselves honestly and openly before God and one another, and to cultivate intimacy with Jesus Christ. Goals As you join with us at Talbot School ofTheology in preparing yourself for a lifetime of ministry, our prayer is that you would increasingly reflect the love of Christ and the characteristics of a biblical leader recorded in ITimothy 3. However, growth in these areas does not simply involve growing in theological knowledge. It also requires that we actively participate with the Spirit's work of sanctification in our lives. The Holy Spirit is inviting us to become more aware of the truth of ourselves, including our hidden pain and sin, so that we may know more deeply His love and grace. We have designed our program to include practical ways in which you can participate with this work of the Spirit. Growth in Christ-likeness and love occurs in the context of relation­ ships with other believers. For this reason, Talbot strongly encourages a personal relationship network for mentoring, accountability, and discipleship. Beginning with the admissions process and continu- ing though to the Baccalaureate Commissioning Service, Talbot has developed the following components to ensure that intimacy with Ch rist and meaningful engagement with the Body of Christ is at the heart of your journey through Talbot: New Studenr Orientarion Connecting with the body of Christ at Talbot begins at New Student Orientation as you meet with other new students and faculty within your major. Through worship, prayer and fellowship, we celebrate the Lord's calling on your life as you begin preparation for ministry.

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