FAMILY COMMITMENT Seminary studies make signi ficant demands on the time of the student. A side-effect is that family members may feel they are not a part of the seminary experience. Talbot has a deep-rooted commit­ ment to the family, especially the families of its students. A wide­ ranging variety of programs, events, activities, opportunities and services have been developed to foster family participat ion in the seminary experience. A guide for families is available to new students at Talbot. The fol­ lowing are examples of the opportuni ties and services available to student spouses:

ACCREDITATION Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Talbot, as a school of Biola University, is included within Biola University's accreditation by the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Col leges. Association ofTheological Schools. Talbot is a member of the As­ sociation ofTheological Schools (10 Summit Park Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15275-1103) in the United States and Canada, the internationally recognized accrediting body of seminaries and schools of divinity. RECOGNITION Agencies of the United States Government which recognize the training given at Talbot include:

1. Chapel services featuring a variety of prominent Christian speakers and opportunities for mutual worship.

1. The United States Department of Health Education and Wel­ fa re, Office of Education.

2 . Spouses may attend classes with their mates at no charge to the spouse, space permitting and with professor approval.

2 . The Chaplaincy Branches of the Army, Navy and Air Force. Full-time seminary students are eligible to apply for com­ missions as second lieutenants or ensigns in the chaplaincy branches of the Army, Air Force or Navy, with eight weeks of active duty training optional during the summer vacation. A course in chaplaincy orientation is offered by the department of Christian Ministry and Leadership.

3. The Spouse Tuition Reduction Scholarship allows spouses of full-time students to take seminary cou rses for academic credit at only one-third the standard tuition rate.

4. Talbot Seminary Wives Fellowship

s. Major social events, such as the annual Fall and spring Ban­ quets, and student family picnics

3. The Veterans Administration.

6 . The Biola Bookstore features a wide selection of Christian and secular titles, discounted Bibles, gift items, computer equip­ ment, greeting cards, music, tapes and CDs, logo clothing, refreshments and supplies. 1. The Biola swimming pool, track, weight room, fitness center and tennis courts are available at scheduled times for family use. s. A wide variety of music events featuring student groups, fac­ ulty artists and guest performers are scheduled throughout the school year. 9 . Intercollegiate sporting events, including men's and women's basketball, men's and women's volleyball, men's baseball, men's and women's cross-country and track

4. The United States Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Support Services EMPLOYMENT

While Biola University cannot guarantee employment, we have ob­ served that prayer and God's guidance have miraculously provided employment for our students in past years. Students should apply to the university student employment office (Metzger Hall, first Aoor). We will make every effort to assist you by referring you to employ­ ment positions when available, commensurate with your qualifica­ tions and in conformity with you r daily class schedule. Students may also secure off-campus secular employment in a wide variety of occupations. Local offices of the State of California Depart­ ment of Employment can be very helpful in the location of these job openings. The placement office (see next item) can sometimes assist the student in securing part- or full-time employment in local area churches. Placement The placement office works closely with students to assist them in securing part-time internship positions in local area churches. These

10. Special and annual lectureships, missions and Bible confer­ ences

11 . Other special cultural events and presentations


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