Bookstore The Biola Bookstore is open Monday through Saturday for the convenience of the students, faculty, staff and public. All required textbooks, as well as general books and supplies, are available. The Bookstore has a large selection of Christian books and offers Bibles in a variety of styles and bindings. During school breaks and vacations the Bookstore has shortened hours. For more information, please cal l (562) 903-4883, or go on-line to Computer Store Located next to the Bookstore, the Computer Store is designed to meet the computing needs of the academic community, offering computers, software and accessories for purchase. Software such as Microsoft, Adobe, Macromedia, Corel are available. The Computer Store keeps different hours than the bookstore. For store hours and more information, call (562) 903-4884; and for product information and pricing, visit the website at

equipped carrels, media and group study rooms or borrowed for short-term use outside of the library. The Media Center also facilitates the purchase, renting and inter-library borrowing of requested media resources not owned by the Media Center. Further, we support class­ room instruction through our digital projection, presentation and a-v equipped roll-about units. Assistance and training are available to assure the proper use of the equipment and media resources. The Center for Faculty Development Instructional Services maintains a faculty lab with the most up­ to-date computer workstations and offers assistance with graphic design and presentation development. The center has a library of teaching resources that supplements training seminars throughout the year. Instructional consultants, mentors and development grants are also available through the center. CLEAR (Center for Learning Enrichment, Assessment & Research) CLEAR serves as a resource for the university in monitoring stu- dent learning. The center's goals are to help faculty and academic programs to enrich our students' academic experience at Biola, be a locus for research and assessment in how students develop intellec­ tually and spiritually and encourage communication and data about student learning among programs and administrative offices. The Role of Computers in the Educational Programs of the University Biola University believes that the computer is an increasingly valu­ able tool and that one of our educational goals should be to prepare students for a world in which the computer will continue to play a significant role. Accordingly, it is our desire to integrate computer use into the uni­ versity curriculum. Thus, the University provides access to computers for every student and requires their use in freshman English. It is the intent of the University, over time, to require the use of these com­ puters over a wide spectrum of the curriculum. This priority is further supported through computerized and media­ rich classrooms which allow faculty to take advantage of these emerging technologies in their class presentations as well as permit­ ting students the hands-on experience of learning with these tools. The campus network can be reached through the on-campus com­ puter labs, any on-campus residence or through a bank of modems that supports off-campus connections. All buildings on campus are connected through a local-area network supported by high-speed fiber-optic cable. Many services are available through this network. A computerized campus bulletin board system affords all members of the Biola community the opportunity to share their ideas, exchange computer tips and even get course information from their instruc­ tors. A high-speed Internet connection facilitates research, the exchange of scholarly information and allows electronic mail to be exchanged with individuals all over the world.


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