REFUNDS - WITHDRAWAL Inasmuch as faculty engagements and other commitments are made by the University for the entire year in advance, the following refund schedule has been established in order that the University and the student may share the loss equitably when it is necessary for a student to withdraw from school :

First two-days: complete refund.

In a three or five week class, 70% day three and four, 30% refunded during the second week, none thereafter

Classes that do not fall within the regular session dates will still follow the refund schedule under the first session. Al l arranged courses follow the refund schedule of the first session. No course may be dropped after its ending date, and no tuition will be refunded if a student unofficially withdraws after the final day to officially drop a class has passed. Class fees are not refundable after the second day of the session. Tuition refunds for class changes (where applicable) will be made in the same manner as refunds for withdrawals (i.e, full refund within first two weeks of classes and pro-rated refund after second week until end of eighth week) All refunds must be requested by properly completing and submit­ ting a departure card or class drop form, the official withdrawal date determining the amount of refund. Class, laboratory, health, insur­ ance, parking, activity and other fees are refundable only if withdraw­ al is on or before the final date of late registration.

Refund schedule for adult degree programs (see program Student Handbook)

FALL & SPRING SEMESTER REFUND POLICY Withdrawal within the first two weeks ofclasses.· ,. Tuition: full amount, less enrollmen t deposit (students with six or fewer units, $25; auditors, $20).

2. Room: end of the week in which the student officially checks out of the residence hall.

Withdrawal after the second week and before the end of the eighth week ofclasses (except for special programs).· , . Tuition: pro-rated as of end of week in which student with­ draws.

80% 74% 67% 60% 54% 47%





Music fees are for private music lessons and are refundable in the same manner as tuition, except no refund after the sixth week .



OUTSTANDING BALANCES As Biola is an educational institution, any balance owing on a student's account is an extension of credit by the University and is considered an educational loan within the meaning of section 523 (a) (8) of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. If a loan becomes in default, Biola may disclose the default, along with other relevant information, to credit bureau organizations and turn the educational loan over to a collection agency for collection. Should this action be instituted by the University, there wil l be additional charges for reasonable collection of the balance due. All transcripts and diplomas shall be withheld until the outstanding amount is paid in full. An account is considered paid in full when all checks clear the bank. REFUNDS - OVERPAYMENT Payments to student accounts which result in a credit balance will be refunded upon request, or in accordance with cash management regulations as required by federal regulations for students having federal aid. Requests for adjustments to charges must be made with in four months from the date of the student's statement on wh ich the charge first appears.

2 . Room end of the week in which the student officia ll y checks out of the residence hall.

Withdrawals after eighth week of classes.· , . Tuition: No refund.

2 . Room: end of the week in which the student officially checks out the residence hall.

First-time students receiving Federal Student Financial Assistance are subject to the Statutory Pro Rata Refund as prescribed by federal law.

INTERTERM & SUMMER SESSION REFUND POLICY , . Room & Board is pro-rated to t he end of the week of official withdrawal.

2 . $25 of the tuition charge is considered a registration fee and is non-refundable.

3 . Officia l withdrawal from Summer Session must be made through the Office of the Registrar Refund rates are deter­ mined by the date in which the written request for registra­ tion change or withdrawal was made. Refunds are subject to the following schedule:

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