Christian workers must file FAFSA and the appropriate application (available in the Financial Aid Office) to receive this scholarship. Biola employee dependent scholarship recipients are not eligible. Alumni Dependent Scholarship ($500) Awarded to children whose parents have completed 30 units of coursework at Biola (including Arts and Sciences, School of Profes­ sional Studies, Rosemead, School of Business, School of lntercultural Studies and Talbot) at time of entrance. Faculty and staff dependents are not eligible. Church Matching Scholarship (Up to $500 from Bio/a) Biola will match one award per year up to $500 for a full-time student demonstrating need. The match is prorated for part-time and Doc­ tor of Ministries students. School of Professional Studies and BADP (formerly BOLD) students are not eligible. ELI students are eligible for one award in their first full year. The Church's check must be submitted in full within the first four weeks of the semester, and must be accompanied by the Chu rch Matching Scholarship Application signed by the pastor or church official. fal l semester deadline is Oct. 1. spring semester deadline (for spring entrants only) is March 1. A FAFSA must be filed and the student must demonstrate financial need. President's Award (80%tuition) Graduating senior at Biola with intention to graduate at the end of the school year required, along with a minimum 3.60 GPA, atten­ dance at Biola for at least two years as well as personal qualifications. Awarded to one senior. Determined by committee nomination. Music Awards Awarded by the Conservatory of Music to music majors for out­ standing performance and scholastic capabilities. The scholarship must be used for the area in which the applicant auditioned. Recipi­ ents may also be required to participate in an ensemble. Athletic Scholarships Offered to students who demonstrate outstanding abil ity and achievement in a particular sport. Awarded by the Athletic Depart­ ment. Forensics Scholarships Offered to participants on the school's competitive speech team. Students awarded this scholarship are not necessarily communica­ tion majors. Awarded by the Communication Department. FEDERAL AID TO STUDENTS Federal Pell Grant Program. A federal program designed to assist students with high financial need. The maximum grant is $4,050. FSEOG Program The Federal Supplementary Educational Grant (FSEOG) program is a campus-based federal aid, is designed to assist the neediest

Financial Aid Information It is the desire of Biola University, within the limits of its resources, to provide financial assistance to students with demonstrated need, especially those who, without such aid, would not be able to attend Biola. The Financial Aid Office provides counseling and assistance to students and their families in structuring the most appropriate pack­ age of financial aid. This assistance is based on a partnership which includes student and family support, federal and state grants, loans and financial aid from Biola. Biola University does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color or national and ethnic origin in administration of its scholarship and loan programs. Undergraduate Financial Aid INSTITUTIONAL AID All students wishing to be considered for need-based aid are re­ quired to file a FAFSA University AwardI Grant The University will provide a University Award/ Grant up to $8,180 to students with exceptional need and limited resources. The University Award/ Grant is based partially on incoming GPA Must file FAFSA Award amount based on availability of funds. Academic Scholarships (52,000- $8,500) Awarded to the top 15% of incoming freshmen and transfer stu­ dents. Based on high school and college GPA and SAT/ ACT scores. Students are notified of award at time of acceptance. Renewable if GPA requirement is met as out li ned in scholarship policy SURGE Award ($4,000- $6,500) Awarded to underrepresented students not eligible for academic scholarships. Must have 3.0 GPA Requires participation in Cultural Encounters program. Awarding by committee begins March 15. Community Service Scholarship ($2,700) Awarded to freshmen and transfer students who have demonstrated outstanding spiritual leadership and services in their community. Awarding by committee begins March 15th. Renewable with demonstrated leadership involvement and services at Biola. Must file FAFSA and a separate application. All first year leadership and award recipients are required to register for both semesters of GNST 105 Leadership Mentorship Program. Dependent Scholarships (S 1,500) This is a need-based scholarship awarded to eligible dependent children of pastors, missionaries or Christian workers (primary fam­ ily income must be through a church, mission board or Christian non-profit agency). Dependent children of pastors/ missionaries I


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