Application for Aid Students may apply for financial aid by filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Biola University and the school code should be included on the appropriate sections. For FAFSA, Biola's code number is 001122.

students. FAFSA required. ELI students are eligible for one award in their first full year.

The Church's check must be submitted in full within the first four weeks of the semester, and must be accompanied by the Church Matching Scholarship Application signed by the pastor or church official. fall semester deadline is Oct. 1. spring semester deadline (for spring entrants only) is March 1 Department Scholarships Determined by each school. For scholarship opportunities, contact the school of attendance. General Financial Aid Information The following apply to both undergraduate and graduate aid ap­ plicants. Entitlement Aid Biola University is authorized as an institution to grant benefits to veterans and dependents, social security benefits and assistance from the California Rehabilitation Program. Students interested in this type of aid should contact the Office of the Registrar. Student Loans Biola will notify all aid applicants of their eligibility to borrow through the Federal Family Educational Loan Program, including the Stafford Loan. Biola will inform every el igible applicant how to apply and provide a list of recommended lenders.

All undergraduate California residents are encou raged to apply for a Cal Grant, using the FAFSA and GPA Verification form.

Departmental applications for scholarships (music, athleti cs and forensics) are available from departments only. For example, write to the Chairman, Music Department, Biola Un iversity. In addition, a FAFSA will need to be filed unless a student can demonstrate disqualification for need-based aid.

Note: FAFSA and University Aid Applications need to be re-filed for each academic year.

DEADLINES FOR FILING The following deadlines have been established for the va rious aid programs:

Cal Grant Pro rams New Applicants ...

............................................ .... .... January 1 - March 2

Institutional Aid All Applicants ...

.. ....... .... .. March 2 March 2 is the deadline for Cal Grants and the full need-ba sed aid and institutional aid. However, students are encouraged to apply and complete their financial aid file as soon as possible after January 1 in order to receive the optimum aid package. Filing after March 2nd may result in a reduced financial aid package. Financial Aid Disbursements All financial aid is awarded for the academic year; one half is applied to a student's school account each semester (unless stated other­ wise). Students enrolled for only one semester are entitled to only that semester's award after it is adjusted to a one-semester expense budget. Financial Aid is not available for interterm or summer school, except sources that are mandated by federal regulations. Financial Aid Withdrawal/ Return of Aid Policy Biola University's "Financial Aid Withdrawal Policy"is employed when a student withdrawals during a semester prior to completing the 60% point of the semester. Financial aid adjustments caused by a change in semester enrollment status (student remains enrolled in at least one course) are not included in this policy, but are addressed in the Financial Aid Handbook. If a recipient of financial aid withdraws during a period of enrollment, the amount of financial aid earned will be calculated according to regulations or policies established for the various categories of aid. The unearned aid will be returned to the various aid sources.These sources include:

If an applicant choosers a lender that is not listed on the lender list, he should contact that lender for an application.

International Students International applicants who hold an F-1 visa must establish the degree of their ability to meet the costs of an education at Biola University. Each international applicant must submit a signed state­ ment of financial responsibility as well as signed statements from any agencies or individuals who have taken the responsibility of underwriting the student's expenses. These statements must include the exact amount of the commitment. Student Employment The University maintains an employment office for the benefit of stu­ dents needing part-time work. While this office does not guarantee employment, it does make an effort to place every student desiring work. Jobs are available both on and off campus, according to student's ability, capacity to handle the added burden of employment and financial need. Student worker positions range from 10-20 hours per week.

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