without a TOEFL score is required to take the Biola English Placement Exam (BEPE) during orientation week of their first semester at Biola. Students are assigned English courses in Biola's English Language Studies Program based on their test results. Courses assigned may range from one semester part-time to three semesters full-time plus three semesters part-time of ESL. * See TOEFL / BEPE requirements for specific programs. 2. Take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and score the minimum requirement for the intended academic program Non-native, English-speaking students may be admitted in an academic program with the minimum TOEFL requirement for their program while taking required English courses. The mini­ mum TOEFL score requirement for undergraduate programs is 500 paper/ 173 computer and most graduate programs is 550 paper/ 213 computer. (See TOEFL/ ELSP requirements for specific programs.) Students who wish to take TOEFL should obtain the TOEFL Bulletin of Information. Copies of this bulletin and the registra­ tion form may be obtained in a number of cities outside the United States. They often are available at American embas­ sies and consulates, offices of the United States Information Service (USIS), United States educational commissions and foundations abroad, and binational centers. Students who cannot locally obtain aTOEFL Bulletin of Infor­ mation and registration form should write for them several months in advance to: Test of English as a Foreign Language, Box 6154, Princeton, New Jersey, USA 08541 (Phone: 609-771- 7100, Fax: 609-771-7500, Website: http// Because this test is administered only at certain times, the candidate for admission should inquire about testing dates well in advance of the date of anticipated school term in the U.S.

not be held over if there is a lapse in enrollment. Accepted appli­ cants, whether or not they are preregistered, must inform Biola of any change in their plans regarding enrollment. ENROLLED STUDENTS When enrolled students officially withdraw, their enrollment deposit will be applied to any balance owed at the time of departure, or will be refunded if their account is paid in full. As a student continues his/ her enrollment at Biola, the enrollment deposit is retained as a continuing preregistration deposit to assure the enrolled student of a place in the student body. Students who discontinue their enrollment at Biola and fail to officially withdraw at the Office of the Registrar (by December 31 for the spring semester, or by July 31 for the fall semester) will forfeit the enrollment deposit. Re-Admission A Biola student who has dropped out for one semester or longer is required to file an application for re-admission ($15 fee). A pastor's reference will be required if the student's leave of absence exceeds two years. A student who enrolls after an absence of more than a year is required to follow the current catalog requirements upon readmission. A student who re -admits after an absence of five years may be required to complete a full application for entrance.

Admission of Non-Native English-Speaking Students ENGLISH PROFICIENCY

It is essential that non-native English speaking students be able to understand lectures in English and also be able to express their thoughts clearly in both written and spoken English. Biola University has determined this level of English proficiency to be demonstrated by a score of 600 paper/ 250 computer on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Admission into academic programs at Biola University is based upon the understanding that students either already have an equivalent to 600 paper/ 250 computer or higher on the TOEFL or are actively making progress in obtaining this level of English proficiency.


The TOEFL Exam is in the Process of changing its scoring profile and Biola University will continue to have com- . parable standards based on the new TOEFL scores when they are published.


The minimum TOEFL score for admission is a total of 500 paper/ 173 computer for the undergraduate student. (TESOL minors must have a score of 550 paper/ 213 computer.) A student may submit an SAT I score for admission instead of a TOEFL score. Students who score be­ low 480 on the SAT verbal test and below 600 paper/ 250 computer on the TOEFL are required to take the Biola English Placement Exam (BEPE) Graduate Programs The minimum for admission to Biola's graduate schools is a total of 550 paper/ 213 computer (with a score of 55 or above for each of

Applicants who have not reached an English proficiency equivalent to a score of 600 paper/ 250 computer on the TOEFL, may enter Biola University's academic programs in one of two ways:

1. Biola English Language Studies Program (ELSP)

Non-native English speakers without TOEFL scores or aTOEFL score below 600 paper/ 250 computer may enter most Biola degree programs if they have met all the other requirements for admission.* Every non native English speaking student with a TOEFL score below 600 paper/ 250 computer or

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