The Master of Arts degree in intercultural studies, missions, applied linguistics and TESOL.

To help students, the University has available a number of useful resources to assist in making the decision: academic advisors, careers counselors, First-Year Seminar classes conducted during the first semester of attendance, curriculum charts detailing the academic requirements for each program, and various Aiers and brochures produced by each department. The task of selecting a major (and often a minor or other complimen­ tary specializations) becomes one of crystallizing ideas on the basis of experiences in specific courses, discussions with other students, staff and faculty. Faculty advising is a service offered to students; however each student is responsible for choosing courses and fulfill­ ing graduation requirements. Students must plan freshman or sophomore programs which will permit them to enter or take advanced courses in fields they may want to pursue. They should be sure to begin or complete require­ ments such as mathematics, chemistry or a foreign language early in their academic careers. Students anticipating graduate or profes­ sional study should exercise special care in planning undergradu­ ate programs and seek faculty counseling in the field of interest. Advance examination of the possibilities of graduate or professional study will be helpful to students who have clear educational and vocational objectives.

The Doctor of Missiology and the Doctor of Philosophy degree in intercultural education.

TALBOT SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY The Bachelor of Arts degree in biblical studies and Christian educa­ tion ministries. The Master of Arts degree with emphasis in Bible exposition, New Testament, Old Testament, theology, philosophy of religion and ethics, spiritual formation, and biblical and theological studies-diver­ sified.

The Master of Arts degree in Christian education.

The Master of Arts degree in Christian ministry and leadership with emphases in pastoral care and counseling, and women's ministries.

The Master of Arts degree in spiritual formation and soul care.

The Master of Arts degree in ministry with emphases in pastoral, Christian education and marriage and family ministries, and missions.

Talbot also offers the Master of Divinity degree, the Master ofTheol­ ogy degree, the Doctor of Ministry degree, the Doctor of Education, and the Doctor of Philosophy degree in educational studies.

The student's transcript cannot be altered to add a major or minor once the degree is completed.


UNDECLARED MAJORS Students who are uncertain about their primary educational or voca­ tional goals may enroll as undeclared majors. However, they should consult an advisor in the Academic Advising Office prior to registra­ tion each semester. While most undeclared students will enroll in primarily general education and Biblical Studies requirements, many general education requirements are "major specific" and should be chosen with possible majors in mind. A student should not plan to stay "undeclared" for more than three semesters. PLANNING A MAJOR PROGRAM When students have selected a major field, they should study all the requirements that are specified in this catalog under their chosen degree program. They should make a tentative semester by semester plan for completing the requirement including prerequisites and discuss this plan with an advisor in the major. In addition to courses in the major department, related cou rses in other fields and supporting courses in basic skills may also be required. These should be included in the tentative semester by semester plan. Some departments require an application to the department and acceptance; and or placement tests prior to admission to classes. The times and places for the tests are determined by the department. Students should contact departments for testing times.

ROSEMEAD SCHOOL OF PSYCHOLOGY The Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology.

The Master of Arts, the Doctor of Psychology and the Doctor of Philosophy degree in clinical psychology.

SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES The Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology.

The Bachelor of Science degree in organizational leadership, and ministry leadership.

The Master of Arts degree in Christian apologetics, organizational leadership, and science and religion.

SCHOOL OF BUSINESS The Bachelor of Science degree in business administration.

The Master's of Business Administration degree.


Every student should choose a major by the end of the sophomore year so that he or she may complete the major requirements in a timely fashion.


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