Students will find it helpful to take their papers to the Biola University Writing Center in Sutherland Hall 213 before submitting them to their departments. UNDERGRADUATE GRADUATION PETITION Graduating seniors must file a "Graduation Petition"form with the Of­ fice of the Registrar and submit any departmental checklists one year prior to graduation. Students filing late will be charged a late gradua­ tion petition fee. A late pet ition is defined as any graduation petition received after classes begin in the student's graduating semester.

1. All students who have entered the University in the fall 1986 or later and who will be graduating in the spring 1990 or later must pass the Writing Competency Exam.

All graduation requirements may be met within four school years by carrying approximately 16 or 17 units each semester. A student may still be graduated within four years if he wishes to take a lighter load and enroll in Sum­ mer Session and/or lnterterm.




Honors at graduation for baccalaureate recipients are based on over­ all performance, Christian values, and a minimum 60-unit residency. Honors are not automatically granted. They are granted by the faculty and may be withheld or modified. The university honors have been defined by the Academic Standards Committee as: GPA Cum Laude ........ ............................................................................................. 3.50 - 3.69 Magna Cum Laude ... .............. ....... 3 .70 - 3 .89 Summa Cum Laude ... ............................. 3.90 - 4.00 Honor Honors recognized in the graduation ceremony may be changed based on the processing of final grades. GPA standards for honors must be met with no rounding of numbers. Graduate and BOLD students should check with their program section in the catalog for honors qualification. HONOR SOCIETY A select group of graduating seniors are chosen by the faculty each year to membership in Epsilon Kappa Epsilon, the baccalaureate honor society of Biola University. Eligibility is based on invitation from the deans' office. Students receiving an invitation must complete the application form and return it to the Dean of Arts and Sciences. Final selection is based upon scholastic performance, Christiah witness and contributions to the Biola community Membership is limited to no more than 5% of the graduating class. To be eligible for member­ ship, a student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher and must have completed 80 credit units at Biola prior to the semester of graduation. BOLD students should check their program for a listing of honors.

,. All baccalaureate degrees require a minimum of 130 degree applicable units for graduation (A minimum of 120 units in the adult degree completion program). Each major consists of a minimum of 30 units of which 24 must be upper division. The Bachelor of Music degree requires 142 units. A degree in nursing requ ires 141 units. For specific major requirements please see indicated major listings. 2 . Completion of all academic requirements. Obtain approval of the student's graduation petition by the major advisor and the Office of the Registrar one year before graduation. To ensure completion of degree requirements, the normal academic load, during the last year, for a student anticipating graduation is 18 units. Those students who wish to take more are expected to notify their graduation counselor. Approval for the additional units beyond the norm will be made through the Office of the Registrar. 3. A minimum of 30 units must be taken at Biola University, at least 15 units (upper division level) in the major field. Biola has a residency requirement for biblical studies. Of the 30 units of Bible required of all students, 15 units must be taken at Biola. Transfer credit, credit for prior learning, credit by examina­ tion and off-campus programs may not be used to fulfill the minimum residency requirement. 4. A minimum "C" average (or a 2.00 grade point average) in the major and a cum GPA of 2.0 taken at Biola University. (Note: GPA requirements are higher in some majors. See departmen­ tal requirements.) 5. All correspondence course work must be completed and an official transcript received by the Office of the Registrar before the senior year, two semesters prior to graduation. 6. All course work during the final semester which will be ap­ plied toward graduation requirements must be taken at Biola University.


Graduate students must make an appointment with the Graduate Graduation Counselor in the Office of the Registrar to petition to graduate. This must be done one year prior to graduation. Students filing late will be charged a late graduation petition fee.

Requirements for all graduate degrees. Refer to individual degree programs for specific requirements for graduation.


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