, . Completion of all academic requirements and approval of the student's graduation petition by the major advisor and the Office of the Registrar a year before graduation. 2 . All course work during the final semester which will be ap­ plied toward graduation requirements must be taken at Biola University.

High Honors ..

.. ....... .. ....................... ............................................ .. . 3 .70-3 .89

Highest Honors ...

.. .. .... . 3.90-4.00

Honors recognized in the graduation ceremony may be changed based on the processing of final grades. GPA standards for honors must be met with no rounding of numbers. Graduate students should check their program section in the catalog for honors qualifi­ cation and honor society recognition. Commencement All degree requirements must be completed before the student may participate in commencement ceremonies. Those students complet­ ing all their coursework during interterm or summer session must contact their graduation counselor to be cleared for gradu.ation. For fall commencement, all requirements must be completed before participating in graduation. It is expected that all graduating students will be present at com­ mencement ceremonies except in cases of extreme emergency or other similarly difficult circumstances. Permission to graduate in ab­ sentia must be secured at least one month prior to commencement from the school dean or from the Office of the Registrar.

3. A minimum of twenty-four (24) units must be taken at Biol a University in the degree program.

4 . A minimum of twenty-four (24) distinct units must be com­ pleted at Biola in any additional graduate degree at the same level. This applies to the second (or additional) degrees and double degrees taken at Biola for all graduate programs. DOUBLE EMPHASES A minimum of 12 units must be taken that are unique to the second emphasis. (i.e., Talbot: a minimum of 78 units for two emphases in the M.A. and a minimum of 110 units for two emphases in the M.Div. degree). All prerequisites, supporting courses, and departmental requirements for both of the emphases must be completed prior to the single commencement. The student must receive the approval of both the departments and approval of the Office of the Registrar. SECOND MASTER S DEGREE Students seeking a second master 's degree must complete a minimum of 24 distinct units in a second area of major study, taken at Biola University (i.e., Talbot: a minimum of 90 units for two M.A.s, and a minimum of 122 units for an M.Div. and an M.A. are required for graduation with a second master 's degree). All prerequisites, supporting courses and departmental requirements for each degree must be completed prior to graduation. The student must receive approval from both the academic departments and the Office of the Registrar. The student may choose to graduate with both degrees at one commencement or different commencements. A student may petition the Registrar and the school faculty to surrender the first certificate or master 's degree to avoid the required extra 24 units. The programs in Talbot School ofTheology are accredited by the As­ sociation ofTheological Schools (ATS). ATS requires that a minimum of 50% ofTalbot 's degree programs be taken in residency (i.e., not transferred in nor shared with any other program). (ATS Standards, 1998) GRADUATION HONORS Honors at graduation for master 's program recipients are based on overall performance, Christian values, and a minimum 24-unit residency. Honors are not automatically granted. They are granted by the faculty and may be withheld or modified. The university honors have been defined by the Academic Standards Committee as:

Summary of University Enrollment Fall Semester 2004 BIOLA UNIVERSITY (ALL PROGRAMS)

Men Women

Total 5,370





Total 855 713 692 835 2 451 47 3,595

Men Women


321 267 272 306

534 446 420 529


Juniors Seniors

Special Students



Adult Degree Program English Language Institute









Men Women

Total 182 58

School of Arts & Sciences

32 10


Special (Credential)



Talbot School ofTheology •

229 109

906 188 114 198 97 8 24


79 38

Rosemead School of Psychology

76 36 49

M.A. Apologetics


M.A. Organizational Leadership


M.A. Science & Religion


1 7

School of Business



1,070 1,775 • Institute for Spiritual Formation is part ofTalbot School of Theology with 86 students. 705



Honors ...

.. ................................................................. 3.50-3.69


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