sultants. These consultants help student writers revise current writing projects and help them develop w riting skills that can be applied in courses across the academic spectrum. Learning Assistance Services Learning Assistance Services provides programs which assist stu­ dents in becoming effect ive and intent ional learners in order to meet the academic demands of the University. Programs offered to the undergraduate population include:

Off-campus Programs Biola University values experiential and cross-cultural learning .We are committed to providing opportunities for our students to participate in off-campus and study abroad programs. Off-campus programs offer a unique opportunity for students to make the world their class­ room, going beyond the confines of the traditional classroom experi­ ence. These are vital to our ability to fulfill our mission to educate students in mind and character and to impact the world for Christ. In most cases, students can participate in off-campus programs at the same cost of on-campus tuition and average room and board. Participating students may continue to qualify for federal, state and Biola aid. This allows students to continue to obtain the maximum aid possible while participating in an off-campus program. Students who are interested in this type of educational experience should contact the appropriate director of the program or the coordinator of Off-campus Programs in the Registrar's Office. These programs are open to juniors and seniors. All students participating in off-campus programs must complete the Off-campus Programs registration form (available at the Office of the Registrar or online at The faculty advisor for the program will help students determine their coursework. Curriculum Requirements Coursework taken through off-campus programs does not count toward resident unites at Biola for a major or minor. Students earning a Bachelor of Arts degree who take foreign languages while studying abroad (in CCCU or other off-campus programs) are advised to use the units as elective credit since the student could find difficulty in finding the second and third semester instruction in the languages not offered at Biola. Students earning a Bachelor of Science degree may be able to fulfill the language requirement while abroad as only 4 units are required.

Col lege Study Ski lls cou rse fo r studen ts who wou ld like to strengthen academic skills.

Tutoring Programs prov ided fo r most General Education courses and selected Major emphasis courses (a minimal fee may be required). Provisional Entrance Program - "EXCEL'' provides specific assistance to selected newly-admitted students in the form of study skil ls development, counseling and peer mentoring.

Individual Academic Counseling and Advising

Appeals & Grievances Detailed information regarding grievances and appeals, whether in regard to scholarships, academic li fe, federal legislation or student conduct are found in the Student Handbook of each school. Copies are available upon request.

Initials in parentheses represent transcript codes.

Biola Israel (IS) Biola Israel is designed for the serious student, committed to Christ and to building meaningful relationships with others. Students are not limited by academic major, personal background or professional goals. Study begins with a campus-based class during the spring se­ mester, including audiovisual presentations of Israel and a weekend workshop. This is done in preparation for field studies in the Holy Land during the first session of summer school. With this combina­ tion, the Bible as well as the morning newspaper comes alive as students trace the routes of biblical characters in conjunction with modern events. While traveling the length and breadth of the coun­ try, students meet the people who live today at the ancient sites of


General Information


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